Do you suffer from premenstrual syndrome? Include foods in your diet that will help you with it

stomach ache


You know it. You will be upset by even the smallest stupidity that you would have just waved. Even the most innocent chocolate commercial will make you cry. Premenstrual syndrome can be fought, even if we do not know the exact cause of the hormonal storm.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) occurs about two weeks before menstruation, when it begins to accumulate in the body estrogen and progesterone. These female hormones, which regulate the menstrual cycle and affect the central nervous system, usually work together. Problems arise when they are out of balance.
When estrogen levels prevail in the body, it is time for anxiety and irritability. If progesterone predominates, we find ourselves in a period of fatigue and depression. To this is added an inflated abdomen, weight gain, headaches and back pain, increased breast tenderness, acne or allergies. Appetite for unhealthy sweet and salty snacks, headaches, indigestion, insomnia, impaired concentration and sudden mood swings should also be added. We bring you an overview of what diet will help you during this period.

Nuts, seeds and peanut butter stabilize blood sugar
You will also end up licking a spoon from the famous hazelnut cream? Now you can indulge in the same feeling without remorse. While the cream you buy is basically just palm oil and sugar, peanut butter contains almost no sugar and is full of healthy fats that will satiate you, lower your blood sugar and suppress your cravings for sweets. In addition, one handful of nuts a day will provide you with enough healthy fats for proper metabolism and hormones to function.

Spinach, legumes and chickpeas increase iron levels
Iron is an important mineral for the human body. Women bounce the symptoms of his lack the most. The body is absent especially during menstruation, during pregnancy and after childbirth. Iron deficiency is manifested by heavy and painful menstrual bleeding. We will lose too much blood, of which only half will be replaced, and it will all be repeated in a month. It is ideal to include thick legume-vegetable soups during this period.
Raspberries and blueberries alleviate the symptoms of low estrogen levels
Estrogens wave with us for life. Premenstrual syndrome, postpartum depression, later menopause … A significant drop in the level of this most important female hormone causes even the most unexplained crazy mood swings. However, the declining level can be compensated by the inclusion of fruit with plant estrogens. Simply add a handful of raspberries and extra blueberries to your favorite yoghurt, breakfast porridge or smoothie.

Hot mood chocolate
The compounds in chocolate and cocoa help to balance serotonin levels, which contributes to the feeling of happiness, satisfaction, helps reduce nervousness and relieve stress. After consuming chocolate, the level of the stress hormone cortisol decreases and the metabolic effects of stress are alleviated. A quality hot chocolate bar (80% or more) should be your mandatory sweet reward.

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