Does maternal infection in the corona lead to placental injury and miscarriage?

The pathology of the placenta in pregnancies in which Corona virus ( SARS-CoV-2 ) has been observed Seemingly non-specific. However, the identification of placental lesions caused by corona infection will be a significant step forward, which will make it possible to improve the management of pregnancies and identify the mechanisms involved in a possible vertical transfer.

In a study published in the journal Modern Pathology , the researchers examined the pathological findings in the placentas of 198 pregnant women who were positive for corona to identify lesions associated with the virus. .

For the purpose of detecting corona infection, the researchers used immunohistochemistry, and positive cases were further confirmed using tests ISH . In 33 cases, corona virus infection was also investigated using RT-PCR , including all cases found to be positive by immunohistochemical testing. In nine cases, positive results were obtained for corona in immunohistochemical examination, ISH and


In these placentas were found lesions characterized by basic necrosis ( villi ) The trophoblast, collapses in the space between the stems, and varying levels of inflammatory filtrate mixed between the stems, and fibrinoid deposits around the stems.

The range of these lesions ranges from a targeted lesion, to a massive spread of the lesions in five cases, leading to intrauterine fetal death.

Evidence of infection in Corona was observed among two of the dead fetuses. In 189 the remaining placentas were not found to have similar lesions.

The strong association between trophoblastic injury and placental infection with the coronavirus indicates that this lesion is a specific marker of coronary heart disease. Extensive trophoblastic damage, which massively affects placental sissy tissue, can result in fetal death associated with corona disease ( COVID-19 ).


Garrido-Pontnou, M et al . Modern Pathology. 2021 Sep; 34 (9): 1704-1709.doi: 10.1038 / s41379-021-00827-5

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