Dressing Chalky: A Guide To Pulling Of Pastel

From runways to high streets, we’re witnessing a revival of the pastel palette. An influx of colours like oatmeal, mauve, mint, and rose has proven the comeback of the pastel season, which was long overdue

Spring/Summer runways are always incomplete without pastels. Even in an earthy hued collection, there will always be a hint of brighter shades to balance out the season. From Paul Smith to Ermenegildo Zegna, we have seen extreme bright shades as well as toned down muted greys, but what remains constant are the pastels.

Pastels, also known as chalky colours, are a great choice if you wish to add a little colour to an outfit, but in a softer, more subtle manner. Even though they are mostly spring colours, pastels can be worn whenever, wherever. A key thing with pastel colours is subtlety. If you are wearing one item of clothing in a pastel palette, it’s probably enough. Accessories and small touches such as socks are a great way to introduce a little pastel into your look for maximum impact without much effort.

“Colours like onion, lavender, lemon, aqua, sky, mineral, lime have been the year’s biggest, most popular colours. They’re versatile, and go well with all skin tones if coordinated well. Pastels are said to be preferred by women, but they’re equally popular with men as they help break the mould of boring blacks, greys, blues, and browns, and are easily coordinated,” opines Manjula Gandhi, chief operating officer, Numero Uno.

Celebrity stylist Isha Bhansali adds, “Pastels for men is an underrated palette. It is something that a lot of men can opt for, without being too conscious or being too loud. I feel that pastels should be welcomed in men’s wardrobes. There aren’t too many rules with pastels, because if you do pastel on pastel, it’s still great but if someone tried it for the first time, then maybe they should team it up with a neutral colour garment like off-white, or anything that’s simpler than a candy colour. The biggest no-no while wearing these shades would be to not go with black. It completely changes the mood and it makes the shades go off. Instead, you can pair it up with black accessories.”

Talking about how brands come up with their colour trends, Abhishek Yadav, the design head of Spykar thinks, “Neutral and pastel colours, along with some classics and brighter hues, will be trending. Easygoing, soft, and soothing colour is the choice for the season, and will be there throughout 2021.”

These chalky hues can be best paired with neutral tones. “Make your pastel piece pop by keeping the rest of the colour palette simple and neutral. With darks, pair your pastels with dark neutrals to enhance the contrast. Another way is colour blocking different pastels, giving it an overall soft yet bold look. Pastels are the go-to colours in summers and work well in winters too. Perfect for casual or loungewear, workplace settings, and if paired smartly, they can easily be worn for formal occasions too. A word of caution is that pastels work best with slimmer silhouettes as pastel colours can make one look bigger. So do not go too oversized with pastels,” recommends Gandhi.

For evening looks, Bhansali suggests, “If you have something heavily embellished, it ups the game for pastel colours. If you want to wear it in the evening, the best way is to glam it up. Payal Singhal does a lot of pastel colours even for men, and they can refer to these outfits for Indian wear. For western wear, pair it up with grey, or boots, or go for a lovely pastel suit with sneakers and T-shirt,” it makes up for a great evening look.

Timeless pastel clothes will never go out of style, which makes chalky colours a great investment. Having a few pastels go-to pieces will ensure that you will always look your best.

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