Eric Omondi Takes Accountability Seriously, Ensures Transparent Use of Donations

Eric Omondi Says 'Sisi Kwa Sisi' Beneficiaries Must Seek Permission to Access Money in Bank Accounts

  • Eric Omondi implemented stringent measures to safeguard donated funds, depositing them in beneficiaries’ bank accounts with withdrawal restrictions
  • The comedian ensures accountability by requiring beneficiaries to seek permission before accessing funds
  • Eric’s proactive approach includes follow-ups and connecting some recipients with financial advisors

Comedian Eric Omondi has disclosed the strategies he employs to ensure that the recipients of his charitable efforts do not squander the funds provided.

Eric Omondi reveals the method he uses to monitor donations.
Comedian Eric Omondi shares a strategy for safeguarding philanthropic contributions. Photo: Eric Omondi.
Source: Instagram

Eric raises funds for the underprivileged through online campaigns, rallying his supporters under the banner of ‘Team Sisi Kwa Sisi.’

He identifies individuals in need via the internet and offers them support, and through this initiative, numerous people have received assistance.

How does Eric Omondi ensure funds are used properly?

During a recent conversation with Ramogi TV, the kind-hearted comedian shared his method for guaranteeing the proper use of the donations.

He mentioned that when the amount donated to a person surpasses KSh 1 million, he places the funds into a newly established bank account for the recipient and directs the bank manager to prevent any withdrawals without his consent.

For a beneficiary to access the funds, they must persuade Eric of the withdrawal’s intent.

“Nowadays, after we contribute to someone, we accompany them to the bank to set up a new account. We then instruct the bank manager to restrict access to the funds without my approval. Therefore, if the individual wishes to withdraw money, they need to contact me and justify the intended use or project for the funds. We’ve started conducting follow-ups. In certain instances, we even pair them with financial advisors. The goal of this initiative is to transform lives,” he elaborated.

Eric Omondi helps raise KSh 1.6m for bereaved family

A few days ago, the comedian successfully raised KSh 1.6 million for the family of John Ng’ang’a, who tragically lost seven members in a road accident in Makueni.

The comedian actively participated in the funeral proceedings, including helping to carry the coffins to the gravesites.

Taking to Instagram, Eric expressed his gratitude to his Sisi Kwa Sisi team, for their generosity.

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