French Days Samsung: take advantage of the exclusive offer on the Galaxy Watch 4 connected watch

Until October 31, Samsung is increasing its trade-in bonus by 50 euros for any purchase of a Galaxy Watch 4 connected watch. Go directly to the Samsung website to to benefit from the offer.

Save and take advantage of the latest deals and great deals to buy at the best price.

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Available in 40mm or 44mm, the Galaxy Watch 4 is a recent smartwatch, launched in August by Samsung . Equipped with operating system Wear OS, it is also compatible with the services of Android . Its circular Super AMOLED display measures 1.36 inches, or 3.45 cm. It is covered with a glass protection Gorilla Glass DX +. You can connect your Samsung watch to your smartphone using Bluetooth 5.0. There is also a 4G model, which can be used with an e-sim card. Analysis of your sports performance, monitoring of sleep , management of stress … The Galaxy Watch 4 is able to provide you with multiple information using its many tools, which include a heart rate monitor and a sensor SpO2. You will have the choice between several colors, which vary according to the model.

Galaxy Watch 4: 50 € additional trade-in bonuses on the Samsung Shop

Throughout the year, Samsung offers Internet users who buy through its website to take back their old devices. In exchange, the Korean manufacturer offers an immediate discount on selected items. To estimate the trade-in of your old equipment, whether it is a smartphone or a tablet, simply complete the questionnaire available on the Galaxy Watch 4 sales page. The estimated trade-in amount will be immediately deducted. of your purchase and increased by 50 euros if you order before October 31. In any case, you will benefit from the many advantages of the Samsung Shop. Do not hesitate to also subscribe to Samsung Rewards in order to accumulate points which will allow you to benefit from reductions on your next purchases.

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