Getting an iPhone 13? This Trade-In Offer Can Get You Rs 46,000 Off

iPhone 13 is all to start shipping from September 24.

The latest launch consists of iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max that went on pre-order in India starting September 17 and will go on sale in India from September 24.

You can get up to 46,000 price cut on your iPhone 13 purchase with Apple trade-in offers. Apple has announced a special iPhone trade-in program for its current users, which also applies to Android smartphone users who want to exchange their older phones for a new iPhone 13 smartphone. To do that, check the old iPhone trade-in value list below.

The Trade-in can be availed via Apple India’s official website. When the buyer will choose their desired iPhone 13 series device, they will be able to opt for the trade-in option. They will then have to answer a few questions in order to provide an accurate estimate for their old smartphone.

According to HT Tech, if you planning to exchange your old iPhone, here’s how much it will get you.

iPhone 12 Pro Max — Up to 46,120

iPhone 12 Pro — Up to 43,255

iPhone 12 — Up to 31,120

iPhone 12 mini — Up to 25,565

iPhone SE (2nd gen) — Up to 12,155

iPhone 11 Pro Max — Up to 36,485

iPhone 11 Pro — Up to 36,360

iPhone 11 — Up to 23,585

iPhone XS Max — Up to 22,020

iPhone XS — Up to 21,680

iPhone XR — Up to 15,685

iPhone X — Up to 16,810

iPhone 8 Plus — Up to 12,790

iPhone 8 — Up to 10,245

iPhone 7 Plus — Up to 10,550

iPhone 7 — Up to 7,865

iPhone 6s Plus — Up to 5,390

iPhone 6s — Up to 4,920

iPhone 6 Plus — Up to 4,805

iPhone 6 — Up to 3,805

iPhone SE (1st Gen) — Up to 2,810

If you wish to trade in your Andriod phone, this is how much it will fetch you. Take a look at it below.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus — Up to 13,085

Samsung Galaxy S20 — Up to 12,015

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus — Up to 12,725

Samsung Galaxy S10 — Up to 10,490

Samsung Galaxy S10e — Up to 8,480

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus — Up to 13,900

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 — Up to 10,585

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 — Up to 8,125

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus — Up to 6,455

Samsung Galaxy S9 Up to — 6,070

Samsung Galaxy A51 — Up to 6,290

Samsung Galaxy A50 — Up to 4,560

OnePlus 8 Pro — Up to 19,295

OnePlus 8 — Up to 15,950

OnePlus 7 — Up to 9,955

OnePlus 7T — Up to 12,285

OnePlus 6 — Up to 7,255

OnePlus 6T — Up to 9,315

iPhone 13 Pro Max is priced at Rs 129,900 in India while the iPhone 13 Pro starts at Rs 1,19,900. Similarly, the iPhone 13 starts at Rs 79,900 in India.

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