GOOD NEWS: Volunteer seamstresses donate items to healthcare professionals

A project formed by volunteer seamstresses, called “Sewing Health”, donated 1,600 protection items to health professionals in Porto Velho last Monday (04/13).

Supported by the Public Ministry of Rondônia and the Public Ministry for Labor, the mobilization delivered 1000 coats and 600 boots to the Emergency Care Unit in the South zone, to serve health workers in the municipality of Porto Velho.

The work was carried out by approximately 50 seamstresses, who committed to making the material within strict hygiene standards, following guidelines related to the disinfection and sanitization of the environment and materials. All production was carried out free of charge.

Also in the recommendation, the MP instructs that, in the face of a suspected case, according to the guidelines of the Brazilian Society of Infectology, the patient is kept in isolation as long as there are signs and symptoms clinical, among other measures.
The document also brings concrete measures to be implemented by the heads of homes and reception centers, addressing practices of disinfection, personal hygiene and cleaning, to be adopted by the elderly and caregivers.

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