Google Photos gets lockable folder

Aufforderung zu Fingerabdruck-Scan, um gesperrten Ordner bei Google Fotos zu öffnen

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In the future, especially private pictures can be protected against unintentional viewing with a password or fingerprint.

Since an update in June, Google’s Pixel Smartphones have a “Locked Folder” in Google Photos, which can be locked with a password or fingerprint. The function should in future generally be available in the Google Photo app for devices from Android 6, reports The Verge .

Photos of puppies

“In the course of the year” should be the lockable folder in appear in the app, informs Google. As an application example, the company brought the following to the Pixel devices before the introduction: Parents do not want to tell their child that they are going to have a puppy for their birthday, but they have photographed the animal. The puppy pictures are carefully locked in the “Locked Folder” so that the child to be given does not find out prematurely what is in store for them when they rummage through the photo collection.

In practice, rather nude photos

As The Verge notes, in reality, mostly nude photos will likely end up in the lockable area on Google Photos. With Google Pixel devices, it is even possible to have pictures taken with the camera disappear directly in the locked folder. Of course, that would be a desirable option for all Android devices. It is still unclear whether this will also be possible with other than the Pixel smartphones.

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