Grandmother Mak-rye “out of 100 points…” 'Squid Game' episode 1 viewing review released

Photo=YouTuber Minam-Rye Grandma’s channel capture

YouTube Grandma Makrye reviewed the Netflix drama ‘Squid Game’.

On the 24th, a video titled ‘Picking squid… Squid game episode 1 review’ was posted on YouTube’s Grandma’s Channel. .

In the released video, Grandmother Mak-rye said, “Squid is so appealing to your ears, right? It’s a squid movie, so you should watch it while eating squid. But when is the squid coming out?” and started watching the first episode of ‘Squid Game’. Who are the people wearing and those blue clothes are debtors. Who is that person in that red dress? Hey, don’t play games and go home.” I haven’t done it. Did I ever play the door game? He’s eliminated.” He said, “Why doesn’t the squid come out and why is Nguyun moving and XX?” and showed a somewhat cynical reaction. ) After watching all episode 1, he said, “I’ve seen it all. Squid doesn’t come out and I’m doing XX. What game are you talking about? Don’t watch the next episode. Oh my nature. I was told to move and then dry, but only people are falling apart when Mugunghwa flowers bloom.”
Grandma Park Mak-rye remembers When asked about the remaining characters in the movie, Il-nam (played by Oh Young-soo) was chosen. He said, “It’s easier to be dead. Grandpa has a good brain. But as I get older, my knees tremble, but when I don’t tremble, they fall all the way to the end. My grandfather is impressive.”

Also, when he said that the prize money for the game in the drama was 45.6 billion won, he said, “I did that too. I want to That grandpa does it too. That grandfather was more like an older brother than me. why can’t i I can also tug-of-war.

Grandma Park Mak-rye said, “10 points out of 100. I gave it 10 points because of my grandfather. Because he respected the old man. If there is an opportunity like that, I’ll have to go inside too. I’m going to have to kill myself by being shot. 456 billion? I will do a good job with it.” He gave a score of 10 out of 100.

Finally, he said, “Content has already figured it all out Which one is the topic? What did you feel? What should I feel? You look at it without thinking.”

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