Half-Life: Decay, the expansion fans of the series have forgotten

If we think about first-person shooters, the Half-Life series is certainly among one of the most idolized by the public. Interestingly, there is a chapter in this saga that was lost over time, an adventure that didn’t bring scientist Gordon Freeman as the protagonist and that bet on a cooperative experience, but unfortunately was restricted to a smaller audience than usual. Half-Life 2,Left 4 Dead and the art of creating brilliant narratives

Documentary shows Ravenholm, the Half-Life that Arkane was creating

Credit: Reproduction/Gearbox Software

Developed by Gearbox Software and released in 2001, Half-Life: Decay

can be described as an expansion, but if you’re confused by not finding this c Additional content on Steam, rest assured that the game has never really shown up on PC — at least not officially. studio that would later become known for franchises such as Brothers in Arms and Borderlands, the difference to the Opposing Force and the Blue Shift is that the Half-Life: Decay ended up being released exclusively for the PlayStation 2.

Serving as a bonus for those Buying Sony’s console version of the first game in the series, the mode put us in the shoes of Colette Green and Gina Cross. Scientists at the Black Mesa facility, after opening a portal to the planet Xen, the pair will need to cooperate in order to try to survive enemy attacks. become a unanimity among those who played it, Half-Life: Decay managed to please by bringing a different gameplay, centered on the need for the two protagonists to collaborate with each other to solve puzzles and advance through the stages. Although it was designed to be played on a screen shared by two people, an interesting detail is that it could even be played alone, allowing us to switch between the two characters in order to carry out the tasks.

At the time, the expansion came to the attention of PC gamers, who lamented the fact that they hadn’t received a conversion. However, as time went by, the desire to see that content on the platform grew, until in 2005 a group

decided to start a modification, which would take them three years of work.

Although that one was a good one opportunity to meet one of the darkest chapters of the franchise Half-Life, some people have always thought that the adventure of Drs. Green and Cross deserved more attention and other recreation projects began. However, these initiatives always failed and the desire to see a better adaptation continued in the fans’ thoughts. A new attempt

Peer review screen, Half-Life: Decay (Credit: Disclosure/PSR Digital)

Because it is this desire that has led the people of PSR Digital to dedicate their time to a new recreation of Half-Life: Decay, a project being called Peer Review. In development since 2014, skepticism about anything involving that expansion is so great that they preferred to keep the project a secret until 2018, when a video showed what they had achieved.

The group’s goal is to deliver a game that works as a reimagining of the original, implementing changes in aspects they deem necessary, as explained by level designer Ryam Lam.

We want to do something that works well and really takes as much advantage as we can of the co-op format, but it still feels like a Half-Life, so it involved a ton of experimentation with gameplay on our side

. The original only had an M4 as an automatic weapon; we kept the M4 but balanced it to fill a different niche and added the M5 to fill the role of the old M4. We thought it might be a controversial change, but we agreed it would be a good one.”

According to artist Notewell Lyons, the charges for your mod to reach the level of visual quality present in Black Mesa has not bothered the team. Touted by many as one of the most impressive remakes ever made by fans, the comparison is unfair, after all Peer Review is being produced by only four people.

With development still having a long way to go, the big question is whether one day we will really have the opportunity to play a final version of this modification. However, as the possibility of one day seeing an official adaptation of Half-Life: Decay is practically nil, it remains for us to follow the progress of development around here and hope that the people at PSR Digital don’t end up giving up on this tough mission.

PS: Here’s another example of the lack that makes backwards compatibility on consoles and mainly, how harmful it is the companies’ lack of interest in continuing to sell old games.

Source: PCGamer

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