Health Experts Ask PTMs to be Evaluated The Impact of the Emergence of School Clusters

SOME level 1-3 regions that have done face-to-face learning (PTM), reported the emergence of new clusters Covid-19 that happened to students. Thousands of students from various regions in Indonesia are affected by the re-enactment of PTM.

Of course, this condition is a dilemma for the community and also the government. The government is currently trying to reduce the number of Covid-19 transmissions. But on the other hand, online learning (PJJ) is also at risk of causing learning loss in children.

Pembelajaran Tatap Muka

Health Expert and Covid-19 Volunteer Doctor, dr. Muhamad Fajri Adda’i explained that one of the solutions that the government and society can do at this time is to conduct an evaluation related to the emergence of the Covid-19 cluster in students. should be evaluated. The Health Office together with the relevant Ministries and the Covid-19 Task Force Team in their respective regions should ideally carry out an evaluation.

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What is being evaluated is the initial cause of Covid-19 and why could occur?” said dr. Fajri when contacted by MNC Portal, Friday (24/3/2021).

After receiving an answer regarding the cause of Covid-19, it is better to make a formulation. And when it is able to analyze the problem and the point of the problem, then someone can find a solution.

“If we don’t have data on the results of the evaluation, we will be confused about what policy to take. So it’s better to do an evaluation and see what causes it,” he concluded.


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