His son died right in front of his eyes. While John Travolta was sadly experienced, people blamed him for his death

John Travolta did not get into the actor’s career by accident. His mother was also involved in acting, so the main star of Pomade was convinced that instead of going to school, she would try to study informally – on the theater boards where John felt the best. Although he certainly had the predisposition to do so, apparently no one expected that young Travolta would conquer the theatrical records and later the movie screens in a short time. The roles on the prestigious Broadway, the portrayal of the aforementioned Danny from Pomade or the film Pulp Fiction were only fragments of what the talented young man managed to achieve during his career.

Despite his fame, John was not a fleeting actor, quite the contrary. In 1991, he married his acting colleague Kelly Preston, with whom he lasted until the end of her life. The couple was not broken even by the difficult trials of life that fate gave them. Whether it was a classic quarrel or a cancer that Kelly had been struggling with until the last moment, the couple stood with each other in good and bad. Even during the worst moment, shortly after their first son was born.

A few months after the couple’s first son, Jett Travolta, was born, the actor admitted that the boy was not completely in order, quite the contrary. Doctors diagnosed him with Kawasaki syndrome, which was associated with autism and later asthma and epileptic seizures. Famous parents tried to make the first and last for their son, and in addition to the dozen experts they visited, they tried to give Jett, who was later joined by a sister, the best possible life. The family visited popular destinations for children together, adventure excursions, holidays on the sunny coasts … until a huge disaster took place on one of them.

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