Home Depot Tool Rental

Home depot is one of the leading online as well as offline home improvement retailers for different kinds of tools and accessories. The company provides almost all kinds of accessories related to home decoration, contractor, and for improvement. You can buy it on have tools from home depot tool rental basis.

Out of this one of the segments they serve are the tools on rental. Yes, home depot provides the tools on a rental basis that is really a good deal. You can get benefited who rarely use tools sometimes in a year.

The company online and offline business are interconnected offer more than a million products to professionals, household users, contractors.

Home depot tool rental benefits

Home Depot tool rental largest home improvement retailer in all of the US, Mexico, and Canada. They have more than 2200 centers in North America only. Centers are well stock with all kinds of tools. We will list you the below all kinds of tools available in the rental in home depot.

No matter how big size work or project you have to do. You will find the all tool on a rental basis in the home depot and near around the service center. You just need to pay the rental charges for the hiring basis of your requirement.

You can easily get the tools for 4 hours, per day, per week, or 4 weeks. Yes, that is really a super cool feature. After as your requirement finished you can return them.

You will always get the tested tool before hiring so you don’t require bothering about conditioned tools.

Apart from that if you want to hire the truck. That also you can have it.

How to have tool on rental in home depot

You can buy tools or have them on a rental basis online. Even you can have tools from offline stores. You need to just come with the proper ID and bring a Credit card for the payment. If you are not finding the tools near your area. You just search the tools with different near around zip code so you may find the tools near around.

You also the get the videos and manual for operate the rented tools.

The company provides various tools for rental. Like outdoor tools, Indoor tools, large equipment, power tools. For all tools, you will get the guide on how to use tool workshops online. You learn how it can operate.

Digital Workshop link

Outdoor and Indoor Rental Tools

Augers on rental

Augers are a very rare tool that does not require very frequent in daily life. So it always suggested not buying the augers. Buy only if you are professional for building the fence and installing the deck. You may get a different kind and capacity augers. Like – Towable hydraulic augers, 2 Man augers, 1 man auger on home depot tool rental section.

Tool rental in home depot
Tool rental in home depot

Chainsaws on rental

Chainsaws used to cut the wood of a tree. Chainsaw also rarely used tools if you are not the woodcutter. If you looking to rent it out home depot is the best place for hiring. You may get the gas chainsaws, electric chain saws online as well offline.

Lawn Mowers and other lawn tools

Multiple lawn tools you may get easily near me/you. There are many lawn tools are there but it not possible to buy all the tools for that you need to take the help of the home depot rental tools section.

You may easily get the tools like peat moss spreader, wheel borrow, trimmers, over seeders, power sweeper, lawn roller, self-propelled lawn mowers, and normal lawn mowers, leaf blowers.

Pressure Washers

The pressure washer is the one the best product for removing the pint, dust, mud from any place or surface. Home depot provides the complete solution for the pressure washer machine. You may have the gas pressure washer machine, electric washer machine.


Tillers used to soften the soil. Tillers are available in different varieties to full fill different soil tilling purposes. You may get the mid tine tiller, mantis XP Tiller, Light duty tiller, Hydraulic Tiller.


You may also get the different blowers according to your requirements like backpack blower, handheld blower, and handheld vacuum.

Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaners also called the floor cleaners. In the carpet cleaner segment, you can get the carpet cleaner with a heat extractor, a carpet cleaner with stair detailer, Tile, and grout steam cleaner. Hand floor cleaner. You can clean the carpet or hardwood floor both kind cleaner you can get it from home depot rental tool segment.


The contractor does not require suffering in the summer and cold season. The company also offers the heater and air coolers for their customers. So don’t feel warm in the summertime.

Pipe tools

Pipe tools include multiple tools for the fixation of piping. Piping tools include the multi-head crimper set, pipe threader, ratchet soil pipe cutter.

Air Compressor

An Air compressor is one of the multiple-use tools. It can be used in any place. You may get the multi-brand air compressor from the home depot tool rental area. You may get the electric air compressor, gas air compressor.


Along with breaker, there are multiple items required to break the concrete, brick wall, road, or anything else. You may get the easy hammer cart, demolition hammer, pro breaker, small breaker from the home depot tool rental section.

Home Depot tool rental items list
Home Depot tool rental items list

Drills and Drivers

Drills and drivers are used almost all professionals whether it concern with wooden business, construction business, fabrication business, glass business. Almost all kind contractors required it. Generally, frequent users are keeping with them but still if you required you may get from home depot tool rental section.


A small generator is an infrequent use. You may get a different capacity generator from home depot. Inverter generator and normal generator.

Painting Tools

Painting tools section you get the Texture sprayer, Gun with hopper, High Scaffolding, large Paint sprayer, Cordless paint sprayer, fiberglass extension ladder,  Electric wallpaper steamer.

Large Construction equipment on rental

Aerial Equipment

The company also provides a bigger machine on a rental basis. Like boom lift, Scissor lift, one man lifts. These three items are the most demanding product in the aerial industry.

Home depot tool rental near me
Home depot tool rental near me

General Equipment

General equipment includes the telehandler, concrete buggy,

Earthmoving Equipment

Home depot also rented Mini excavator, Skid Steer loader, Mini Skid with augers, tractor backhoe loaderand trencher.

Landscaping Equipment

In landscaping equipment Chipper Shredder, Stump Grinder you can get it easily from their stockyards.

Apart from this, you may get too many items from the home depot tool rental section.

Check more tool on rental from Home depot

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