Home from Work, Kaesang Pangarep often brings Seblak for President Jokowi

KAESANG Pangarep is a guest on Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast. They talked about business to the personal life of the President’s youngest son Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

In the chat, Kaesang Pangarep also revealed that sometimes ordering food via online motorcycle taxis for President Jokowi.

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Kaesang said that his father ordered him quite often food via online motorcycle taxis. Sometimes Jokowi asks his son to buy food.

Kaesang Pangarep dan Presiden Jokowi. (Foto: Instagram)

“Sometimes I Go-Food-in at the State Palace,” said Kaesang, as quoted from Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube channel, Sunday (26/9/2021).

Not only that, Kaesang also often takes his orders himself when the courier arrives in front of the State Palace. Because if it goes through protocol it will be troublesome. Food must be tested first (food testing).

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“Yes, Paspampres wants to stop me with Go-Food, that’s not possible,” Kaesang said. Click Here

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