Homegrown Fragrances On Our Radar That Should Be In Your Perfume Collection

Do you like the smell of the first rain falling on the ground, or the nostalgia of kulhad wali chai? Have you ever imagined them as fragrances? If not yet, MW has curated a list of homegrown fragrances that offer you a wide variety of perfumes that smell a lot like home



The making of attar has been a part of Northern culture since the Mughals established their supremacy in the region. Two brothers, Varun and Krati, from Kannauj, (also known as ‘attar ki nagari’ or the city of perfumes) came up with Boond. They offer a wide range of seasonal perfumes. For summers, one can try their flowers and plants-based perfumes. Reminding you of the rainy season, their mitti attar is made from the soil, and is a must-try. Their Heena attar and musk attar are winter variations that you should add to your shopping bag right away. 

Embark Perfumes


What makes Embark Perfumes unique is that this homegrown brand makes exclusive fragrances based on the country’s climate, and Indian skin. These perfumes are 100 per cent cruelty-free, and offer you fragrances for both him and her. Their musky, intensely aromatic perfumes are the perfect choice for women while the citrus, spicy, aquatic fragrances are a must-try for men. 



Another artisan perfumery brand that you cannot miss. The unique, inventive methods to create verdant fragrances sets this homegrown brand apart from others. Naso uses refined extract from herbs and spices for its signature fragrances. Their mix of contemporary floral oils from Northern Europe, Egypt, and Indonesia with natural Indian attar suits all skin types. A unique range of perfumes that the brand offers is called Scents of Sex. With healing properties of mild aphrodisiac and intoxicating properties that help diffuse emotional barriers, the perfume range offers you increased intimacy, all while soothing senses and calming anxiety. 

Bombay Perfumery


Bombay Perfumery weaves magic with its fragrances. The uniquely desi scents that they have to offer will remind you of those very distinct memories of walking through city streets, and smelling those fresh flowers in a crowded market. Chai Musk, a Bombay Perfumery best, feels like you are inhaling a fume of adrak-elaichi chai. Moire is a blend of earthy and romantic traces of flowers like rajnigandha, jasmine sambac. More than just an extravagant perfume brand, each scent from Bombay Perfumery aims to invoke a winsome memory every time you open a bottle. Calicut, Madurai Talkies, and Sulawesi are some of the popular choices amongst customers. 

Aamod Luxury Fragrances


Aamod Luxury Fragrances curate scents using superior quality ingredients sourced from all around the world, and blending them locally for you to smell good at an affordable price. Their perfumes are unisex with a range of floral, fresh fruity floral, and citrus woody aromatics. The invigorating blend of Javanese Patchouli, black currant, cinnamon, clove, incense, and sandalwood with imported smells like Turkish rose, Neroli, Ylang Ylang, promise to give you a truly heavenly experience. Champagne Du Roses, Tropical Voyage, and Vibrant Vetiver are a few scents from their vivid range of fine fragrances that lets the customer indulge in luxury.

The Perfume Library


The Perfume Library is the world’s first perfume line that curates smells based on memories. This cool concept behind each fragrance in itself is a reason enough for you to try the smells. Take the example of a rose, the flower that is the universal symbol of beauty and love and has hundreds of variations of it. The Perfume Library says that the aroma can range from apricots to melons to musks, so there is a rose fragrance for everyone. This Space In Between You & Me is another popular choice. This perfume is really like a ‘personal diary’ for the curators as it took three years for them to create it, adding ingredients, one emotion at a time. The unisex scents are bright, airy, grassy, reminiscent of specific memories, and that is what makes them special. 

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