Hong Jun-pyo, who made a women's promise of 'chemical castration', is too abstract and principled to make up for the female approval rating

국민의힘 대선 주자인 홍준표 의원. 국회사진취재단

People’s Power Presidential candidate Hong Jun-pyo. National Assembly Photo Foundation People’s Power Presidential candidate Hong Jun-pyo, on the 1st, conducted a division of chemical castration enforcement for heinous and habitual sex offenders.

Rep. Hong held a press conference at his camp office in Yeouido on the same day and announced this policy. announced. Rep. Hong said, “Chemical castration is the most effective means to eradicate sex crimes. We will cooperate with the courts to enforce strong chemical castration on vicious and habitual sex offenders in order to create a safe society free from violence.”

Regarding the integration of other ministries of the Ministry of Leisure, Assemblyman Hong said, “We will reduce various factors that promote conflict and improve the system that does not fit the reality.” “A genuine gender equality policy without discrimination or reverse discrimination. will unfold,” he asserted. In a similar sense, they announced that they would gradually abolish the quota system for women.

Measures to overcome the population problem include expansion of national and public daycare centers, full-day care support for elementary school students, and Support for women was also announced.

This is a women’s policy that was put forward until the announcement of a previous promise was made to make up for the weak support of the women, but it was at the level of Rep. Hong’s remarks. didn’t go out much. Some point out that there is only a way to attract attention by causing controversy with ‘chemical castration’ while remaining at the basic level. Also, as seen in the statement that “the core of women’s policy is the value of the family and the recovery of the community,” there is also a limited idea of ​​limiting the role of women within the family.

Above all, the problem is that specific concerns about how to reduce gender conflict are omitted. In this regard, Assemblyman Hong said, “If you look at the Supreme Court’s ruling, men, especially the 2030 generation, are at the peak of dissatisfaction because they make decisions based on gender sensitivity.” “The status of women has changed incomparably with the past.” “I will discuss the issue of gender conflict with experts enough to find a policy,” he added.

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