Hypnosis vs NRT: St. Louis Stop Smoking Hypnotist Helps People Break The Habit

Smoking is one of the most difficult habits to break, with many people trying and failing numerous times. But one approach to breaking this habit is being embraced by many, and is gaining traction with people wanting a natural and effective way to quit smoking. More and more people are turning to hypnosis as a way to combat the very strong habit of smoking.

For more information about using hypnosis to stop smoking in the St. Louis, MO area contact Mental Impact Hypnosis at: https://mentalimpacthypnosis.com

According to David Hoffman, a certified hypnotist, and founder of Mental Impact Hypnosis, “Smoking is a very strong habit that is reinforced every time a smoker takes a puff from a cigarette. If a smoker averages 10 puffs per cigarette, this can add up to hundreds of times a day. Treating the habit side of smoking can be very powerful and successful for many people.”

Many people turn to Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) to try to quit smoking. NRT can be effective in treating nicotine addiction, but many smokers continue to smoke even when using some type of nicotine replacement therapy. Hypnosis attacks smoking as a bad habit, which can be just as powerful – if not more so – than treating it as an addiction.

But what exactly is hypnosis? Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing magical or mystical about it; it’s just one type of trance. People go in and out of trances throughout the day such as when they are daydreaming or engrossed in something they love. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind where the subconscious mind becomes open to suggestion and change. Just like going into other trances, everyone of normal intelligence can be hypnotized.

Mental Impact Hypnosis is based in St. Louis, MO and specializes in helping people stop smoking by using a two-step process. The first step clears smoking from the client’s system. The second step is the hypnosis session that breaks up the associations and triggers to smoke, and addresses the habit of smoking itself.

Find out more about the unique process that Mental Impact Hypnosis uses at: https://mentalimpacthypnosis.com/stop-smoking-st-louis

For those that don’t want to, or have adverse reactions to nicotine patches, gums, or lozenge; hypnosis has been found to be an effective all natural option to quit smoking. The process helps individuals take back control over their lives instead of letting cigarettes control them. It’s an incredibly empowering experience that everyone should try at least once in their life.

To find out more about hypnosis go to: https://mentalimpacthypnosis.com/faq

David Hoffman

Mental Impact Hypnosis
111 W Port Plaza Dr., Suite 602
St. Louis
United States

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David HoffmanMental Impact Hypnosis111 W Port Plaza Dr., Suite 602 St. LouisUnited Stateshttps://mentalimpacthypnosis.comdavid@mentalimpacthypnosis.com

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