“I couldn't stand bullying at work, so I chose the theater two weeks after my daughter's wedding… Please relieve my father's injustice”

Officially requested by the Labor Administration

Ahead of the Chuseok holiday, an article (photo) appealing to the Blue House that his father made an extreme choice due to bullying at work

On the 17th, on the bulletin board of the Blue House National Petition, “I couldn’t stand bullying at work, so my eldest daughter’s wedding 2 Please release the injustice of my father who chose to commit suicide a week later.”

Petitioner A, who introduced himself as the son of a man in his 50s, claimed that there were complaints of harassment at work in his father’s will that he found during the funeral of his father who made extreme choices on the 15th.

According to Mr. A, in his will, he said, “There is a team leader at the company, but he is very mean to me.” “It feels like hell to go to work.” He creates an atmosphere of bullying by telling strange rumors about me.”

He said, “My father He received a sabbatical for 30 years of service ahead of his daughter’s wedding, and it seems that he made this choice for reasons such as pressure and fear of having to go to work again on the 15th. there wasn’t,” he said. Mr. A’s argument is that the branch manager of the company is also evading responsibility. The birth has been postponed. Mr. A appealed, “What our bereaved families want is nothing else, a sincere apology.”
“I have never been rude, and there is no such fact.” Rebuttal

The team leader said, “I was officially commissioned by the Labor Administration.” “The truth is

In a statement sent to reporters on the 23rd, the team leader said, It is very difficult for me as this team member, but I thought it would not be as painful as the bereaved family, and I was silent about the one-sided claim that it was harassment at work.”

He continued, “I started working with the deceased on July 1st, and the days I worked with the deceased were 34 days excluding holidays and vacations. Due to the corona virus, the entire team had one lunch for 34 days. I’ve never swear words, and I still don’t really know what happened to him in the past. There is no fact that he talked about behind-the-scenes co-workers. I’m really curious as to why you said that.” The moment I was about to say hello to her, I was abused and unilaterally assaulted by my spouse, and immediately afterward, the bereaved family gathered and urged me to apologize.” He continued, “I didn’t even know why I had to be beaten all of a sudden,” he said. “It was the first time I heard that the deceased had a hard time because of me.”

Regarding the contents of the will, he also denied the allegations, saying, “There is no specific threatening content, and there is no such fact.”

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