iFixit dismantles iPhone 13 Pro: large battery and smaller notch

© iFixit


Even if there is no huge difference to the iPhone 12 from the outside, there is a lot of new technology in the new smartphone.

The repair platform iFixit has the new iPhone 13 Pro and that iPhone 13 Pro Max disassembled. It becomes clear how changes such as the longer battery life and the smaller notch are technically reflected.

Inside there is an L-shaped battery reminiscent of that of the iPhone 12 Pro Max , but it is stronger. iFixit had a capacity of 11.97 Wh measure what the 10 .78 Wh of the battery of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The standard version with a rectangular battery is 12.54 Wh in front – and compared to the 17.8 Wh of the Xiaomi Mi 11 ( here in the futurezone test ) it remains far defeated, writes iFixit.

The iPhone 13 Pro (left) and the iPhone 12 Pro Max (right) in comparison

© iFixit

That the battery performance is still convincing, According to the platform, it is due to the new display, which consumes significantly less electricity. It is gratifying for the repair platform that the battery can be replaced. Previously there had been rumors that this would no longer be possible with the new iPhone.

X-ray image of iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max

© iFixit

Display can be replaced more easily

That the notch by 20 percent has shrunk, it should also be due to the fact that the earphone speakers have moved from the back of the display to the inside of the housing . This means that it will be more difficult to replace the speakers.

It is easier for the display to be replaced, according to iFixit. Another reason for the smaller notch is the merging of the dot projector and the “Flood Iluminator” for Face ID.

The smaller notch was rebuilt

© iFixit

What’s new with the iPhone 13 we have for you summarized here . IFixit wants to take a closer look at the new A15 chip and other hardware innovations in Part 2 of the “Tear-Down”. On Youtube is the live stream from iFixit, in which they dismantle the iPhone 13 Pro, to see:

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