Jaebum successively… Electronic anklet dance theory 'Solsol' [News Inside]

Provide location information only… Limitations on crime prevention

Discussion of fundamental solutions such as introduction of probationary agents

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Electron As the limitations of electronic anklets were exposed after the case of Kang Yun-seong, a sex crime ex-convict who killed two women before and after the anklet was damaged, there is a voice among experts that stronger measures such as a ‘protective agent’ are needed.

According to the Ministry of Justice on the 24th, there were 41 cases of recidivism by sex offenders wearing electronic anklets last year (recidivism rate 1.2%) , 27 cases (〃 0.91%) occurred between January and July of this year. Compared to the average recidivism rate (14.1%) of all sexual assault offenders in 2003-2007, before the introduction of electronic anklets, it is a significant improvement. The problem is that repeat offenses among those who wear electronic anklets continue to appear. Actual sexual offenses A, a former criminal, was arrested on the 9th of last month after raping a neighbor while wearing an electronic anklet. Last year, Mr. B, wearing an electronic anklet, was sentenced to 5 years in prison for forcibly molesting a minor four months after his release.

Professor Yunho Lee of Police Administration Department at Dongguk University said, “The electronic anklet provides only location information, so there is a clear limit to crime prevention. In the same context, the first is a protective agent. The key to this system is to provide treatment while additionally isolating from society even if heinous offenders such as sex offenders or serial killers finish their sentences. It is also being used in some developed countries such as Germany and Switzerland. In Korea, it was operated under the name of ‘protective and probationary system’, but was abolished in 2005 due to problems such as ‘double punishment’. Since then, the need for re-introduction has been raised whenever a heinous crime occurs.

Kang Yun-seong, who is accused of damaging an electronic anklet and killing two women, is being questioned by reporters after being sent to the prosecution from the Songpa Police Station in Seoul on the 7th. Senior Correspondent Huh Jeong-ho

Professor Lee Su-jeong of the Department of Criminal Psychology at Kyonggi University, said, “As recidivism occurs a lot at night, we introduced a partial protective prisoner system that conducts psychological treatment along with monitoring and supervision at a separate facility.

The Ministry of Justice also raised the possibility of introducing a prison sentence system. I opened it up and started reviewing. At a briefing on the 3rd, Minister of Justice Park Beom-gye said, “We will look for ways to revive the purpose comparable to that of probation.”

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