Kids In Maldives: Top Child Friendly Resorts In Maldives 2018

I have read many reviews, where people often asked that they want to travel to Maldives with kids. But not sure about the Kids activities offered by the Resorts and what other things resorts going to offer to make their holiday memorable.   

I think traveling Maldives with kids is not similar to visiting any other countries. Unlike other countries, it is an Island country, almost 300 inhabited islands scattered in many directions, whereas furthermost south and North are approximately 600 KM to each other. No road, no Rail network except seaplane and private speed boat to travel from one place to another. Therefore, getting a medical facility in the resort is like worry free travel especially with a young kid.  

We will answer you every question in this article and provide you a comprehensive list of Resorts offering all sort of facility to parents traveling with children. This island country is famous for private beaches, crystal clear water, water sports, and romance, and considered the hot travel destination in the world.  

Frequently question asked: Parents traveling with kids

What is the best time to visit Maldives with Kids

Parents must avoid summer season May to October (Especially with young kid below 18 months) as it is moderately hot (28 to 32 C)  and tough for a young kid to maintain the hydration level. Although no issue in evening and morning.

What types of food commonly available for kid below 2 years

Below 2 years can enjoy Milk products, seasonal fruits, and other necessary products for a mini traveler.

What are the common products someone should include in luggage?

Especially you must have general medicines, Electrolyte powder packets, mosquito repellent & cream, cotton clothes, Hats and lots of diapers.

Any other recommendation?

No other stuff required to carry, all resorts located in the Maldives follows the International hospitality standard; therefore you will get everything there.

Good News: The current scenario in Maldives has completely been changed and most of the world’s top hotel chain includes Kids friendly activities to keep their family guest happy. Resorts offer a club, child care, and all-type-of-food at one place so parents can focus on never ending excursion and aqua life. 

Especially there are no activities for a young kid but kids above 3 years may enjoy Snorkelling, Swimming and play with same age children, traveling with other parents.

In my personal opinion, I would love to go Maldives with Kid as you can do almost everything if you have selected a right resort. But if you want to explore Maldives and have a budget constraint then better to stay nearby Airport to avoid heavy transfer bill.

Here is the list of Kids Friendly resorts nearby Male Airport


kids club kuda hurra maldives

Name of Resort: Four Season Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa

Distance in Minutes by Speed Boat: 17.7 Km Speed Boat / Shuttle ride from the male international airport which takes 15-20 minutes to reach the resort.

Kids Club: Kuda Mas Club

Additional Charges for Kids: Child aged 5 and under can stay and eat for free with their parents. Child under 12 can stay free but meal charges shall be applicable. Shuttle transfer for kids aged 5 and under is free.

holiday inn maldives kids club

Name of Resort: Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives

Distance in Minutes by Speed Boat: Speed Boat takes 40-45 minutes at least to cover the distance of 35 Km to reach the resort.

Kids Club: Kandoo Kids Club

Additional Charges for Kids: Up to 2 Children aged 12 and under can stay and eat free while sharing the same room with their parents. Shuttle transfer for kids aged 4 and under is free.

Sheraton Maldives kids club

Name of Resort: Sheraton Maldives Full moon resort & Spa

Distance in Minutes by Speed Boat: 9.3 Km away from Airport and takes 10-15 minutes to reach.

Kids Club: Sheraton Adventure Club

Additional Charges for Kids: With family up to 2 kids aged 12 and under can stay and eat free. Shuttle transfer is free for kids under 5 years.

bandos kids club

Name of Resort: Bandos Maldives

Distance in Minutes by Speed Boat: 10 Km from the airport and the shuttle takes 15 minutes to reach.

Kids Club: Kokko’s Kids Club

Additional Charges for Kids: Only 2 kids aged under 3 can stay and eat free with parents. Boat Transfer is free for child under 2 years.

Few Important things you must consider before booking a resort in Maldives especially with Kids

  • Most important thing to consider a resort which has an in-house medical facility for general purpose. Moreover, you can book a hotel which has a doctor facility available nearby island.  Always ask your hotel directly otherwise it will be a bigger concern in the case of emergency.
  • If luxury is not a concern and you want to spend a Budget holiday then you must look out for resort nearby Male International Airport.
  • I advise you to book a holiday in the resort which offers quick pickup and drop, so that young kid should feel comfortable and also help you to avoid extra traveling fatigue due to long Speedboat travel. (Avoid any resort which offers speedboat transfer and located 60 KM from the Male International Airport.  Because 60 KM will take almost an hour and it is not at all comfortable if you are with young kid below 2 years.
  • Moreover, if the resort is arranging the pickup and drop from seaplane then better for your kids. But make sure Seaplane will cost you heavy from $400 to $600 for a single person.
  • Few Resorts in the Maldives offers the special discount for Kids and few group hotels allow kids to “Eat and Stay Free”. I would advise you to thoroughly investigate with resort booking team and ensure Kids stay free and Eat Free with adult. Otherwise, they will charge for Kid and it will impact badly on your holiday budget.
  • Transfer charges in the Maldives are very high, therefore select the resort either nearby Airport or offer free transfer to a kid.
  • Most of the resorts in Maldives will not allow you to stay in water bungalow/Lagoon villa if you are traveling with a kid. It may be a disappointing thing for you, but it is true.
  • Few Resorts in Maldives do not allow Kids because of their “Adult Only” Scheme. Therefore read their terms and condition carefully before making a Booking.

    EAn exclusivelist of top rated Kids friendly Resort in Maldives 2018 (Ranking)

I have been in the Maldives many times and today sharing a list of top kids friendly resort in the Maldives, which certainly help those people who are traveling with kids and they often ask our writers to suggest them “Where to stay with Children in the Maldives”. In the list, we will provide you all sort of information, so it will be easier for you to select the right kid’s resort in Maldives.

Soneva Fushi Resort

What your kids might have expected from the vacation will surely be outdone by all the facilities that one will get at this very place. This place has all that it takes to be in the list of the best resorts for children in Maldives. Although this place happens to be on the expensive side, it must be noted that this place has some of the most dreaded facilities, with the likes of Lego rooms, pirate ships, mocktails, kids pools and also many other facilities for the kids who visit the place. Apart from this, the kids visiting this very place can enjoy picnics, swimming competitions, and other such events, which enhances their experience at this very place. They have made every arrangement to suffice the expectation of the children reaching out to this very resort.

Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa

Resort highlights the like of being a family resort and in the true sense, it happens to be one. The places of discussion inside this resort in Maldives is surely the beautiful infinity pool, free kids club, free non-motorized water sports like pedal boats and kayaks. Apart from these, it also has a game room, where the kids can enjoy games like table tennis, snooker, and air hockey! It must also be mentioned here that the infinity pool has a shallow portion, which is for the children to enjoy the pool along with the family. Apart from the games and sports for the kids, there is good news for the parents as well, this resort has a paid baby sitting service, which helps the parents have a small trip together, knowing that their children are well taken cared off!


This resort takes good care of all the kids that visit the place. This resort offers some of the essential things that would make the day for any kid. The services include the inclusion of welcome and partying gifts and also many other in-room facilities like baby cots and bottle sterilizers. Apart from the services that it provides to the kids that make it one of the most famous kids’ resorts in Maldives, it also happens to be a place of interest of the elders. One of the essential things that happen to be the mode of attraction for the adults is the fact that this place is generally occupied by a lot of people from different backgrounds like Asia, Europe, and Russia. All these together make the resort a great place where people can get an idea about another culture and thus adds to the interest of the people.

KIHAAD Maldives

This resort is one that is within the reach of the common people and happens to have some cool facilities for the children as well. Apart from having the basic facilities like the place for the accommodation of an extra bed for a kid or the baby cots. Apart from the same, the other facilities include the likes of billiards, mahjong, and darts. To top it all, this place also has a playground, where children above 12 years of age can enjoy their vacation with other kids living in the resort. Like many other resorts of the place, this resort also has a baby sitting service, which they provide for a certain fee. Overall, this place is just the one that you would have been looking for when you were looking for the best children resorts in Maldives at some reasonable rates.

Dusit Thani Maldives

The Dusit has some of the most innovative activities that help children not only enjoy, but also compete with other children of their age. They also teach your kids the art of group work at times. The Dusit carries on with some of the activities like face painting, crab racing, treasure hunts and much more. Apart from all these, it also has some of the free water sports for the kids to enjoy and relish their stay at this very resort. All these activities, when performed by the children, are strictly monitored by the supervisors, who take care of the children all the time. The place also has a playground for the kids who are at least 11 years of age. Overall, this place has some of the most satisfying activities for the kids who visit here.

These are some of the best resorts for children that you will find in Maldives. These places are not only the best for children, but are also some of the most healthy family resorts that you will get when you tour to this very place. Overall, these are some of the resorts where the children will be happy to spend their vacations.

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