KT team leader refutes allegations head-on, “There is no such fact”

The company “requested an investigation to the Ministry of Labor for an objective investigation”
Surviving family “Extreme choice due to workplace harassment ”

The allegation that an employee who worked for one of the leading telecommunication companies in Korea made an extreme choice by alleging workplace harassment was raised through a public petition bulletin board. In the middle, the team leader who was designated as the party refuted the allegation head-on, saying, “The truth will be revealed.”

KT team leader A said in a statement released through the media on the 23rd, “It is very difficult for me as the deceased is our team member, but I thought it would not be as painful as the bereaved family, and I was silent on the unilateral claim of harassment at work.”

First, he said, “I have been in charge of the team leader for 10 years after 32 years of working life.” “People’s petition

Regarding the contents of the will, he emphasized, There is no content about the military. There is no such fact.” He insisted, “I am older, and I have never talked about work-related matters properly.”

and added, “I am also an ordinary employee who works every day.

Meanwhile, KT has requested an investigation by the Ministry of Employment and Labor for an objective investigation on the same day.

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