Kwak Sang-do's son “Actual salary of 2.8 billion won… Is it a matter of hardworking individuals?”

Clarification in the entrance statement… “I’m just talking in ‘Squid Game’”

Entrance to Hwacheon Daeyu Asset Management Office. Seongnam=Yonhap News

Suspicion of preferential treatment for the so-called ‘Daejang-dong development project’ Byeong-chae (32), son of Kwak Sang-do, a member of the People’s Power, who was controversially known for receiving 5 billion won from Hwacheon Daeyu, an asset manager who stands at the center of ‘ It was explained that the money was received. He also confessed, “It is true that I made a lot of money because of hard work, recognition, and injury.”

Mr. Kwak In a statement distributed on the 26th, he said, “I’m just a ‘horse’ in a ‘squid game’ designed so meticulously. From the designer’s point of view, I was very faithful.” Squid Game is a Netflix drama that is gaining popularity recently. He also asked, “Is the essence of the Daejang-dong incident a matter of the design that (Hwacheon Daeyuga) made to earn hundreds of billions of won, or is it a matter of an individual who worked hard in it?”

Regarding the media report on the day that he received 5 billion won from Hwacheon Daeyu, “Including retirement pay for June 2020 Signed a 500 million won bonus contract (with Hwacheon Daeyu). Before leaving the company in March 2021, the bonus contract was changed to 5 billion won,” he explained. Mr. Kwak said, “It was not the amount promised when I joined the company.” He added, “All executives and employees signed a performance-based pay contract, and I do not know the specific timing and amount as they were signed between each individual and the company.”

Mr. Kwak said, “The reason why we received such a large amount of bonuses and consolations is that the company has made huge profits.” If I couldn’t earn this much, I don’t think I could have been able to receive this much in terms of bonuses, etc. I did my best as a company employee to make this kind of profit.”

Kwak also disclosed the salary he received from Hwacheon Daeyu. He said that he received a pre-tax salary of 2.33 million won per month until February 2018, 3.33 million won from March to September 2018, and 3.83 million won until January 2021. Regarding the process of joining Hwacheon Daeyu, Mr. Kwak said, “My father said, ‘Kim XX is in the real estate development business and is looking for people, so if you have an idea, check it out.'” This Kim is presumed to be Kim Man-bae, a former Money Today reporter and major shareholder of Hwacheon Daeyu. Kim is known to be close friends with Rep. Kwak, an alumnus of Sungkyunkwan University.

People’s Power Rep. Kwak Sang-do. News

Mr. Kwak’s father, Rep. Kwak, is 28 He added that he recently found out that he had received billions of won. He said, “Hwacheon Daeyu was widely reported in the media and asked what happened, and he told me about salaries and bonuses. My life is my choice, I am responsible for it, and I have drawn it.” Mr. Kwak also said, “All of this money is in my account, and I have worked and been evaluated at Hwacheon Daeyu.”

Then, Mr. Kwak said, “I was full of passion, so I thought a lot about how to get a higher salary and get the reward that the president said. Rather than investing in stocks or coins, the company recognized it. I went to the company with the mindset that I should get it and get it recognized by the owner.” He added, “Since 2018, my health, which has been healthy all my life, has turned on the red light.” He continued, “It was a difficult decision as the head of a family and a father with a daughter, but it was impossible to run the company any longer.” As the controversy spread after the media reported that Mr. Kwak had received billions of won from Hwacheon Daeyu on that day, voices calling for disciplinary action, such as removal of Rep. is rising The People’s Power leadership will hold an emergency supreme council meeting this afternoon to discuss measures against Rep. Kwak. Rep. Kwak, a former prosecutor, served as chief of civil affairs at the Blue House during the Park Geun-hye administration, and after serving as the chairman of the Legal Aid Corporation, he entered the 20th National Assembly in 2016. He was re-elected in the 21st general election last year.

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