Leicester-Shire & Rutland School Games Officially Launched

This year’s School Games Ambassadors, World Junior Road Race Champion Lucy Garner, and England U21 and Leicester Hockey Club first team player Josie Inverdale, officially launched the Leicester-Shire & Rutland School Games last week.

The inaugural Leicester-Shire & Rutland School Games Launch was held on February 27th at Leicester Grammar School; which will also host the School Games Championships on Tuesday July 10th 2012.

Various dignitaries attended the Launch, including the Chairman of Leicestershire County Council, The Lord Lieutenant of Leicestershire, Head Teachers and MPs; to find out more about School Games. Attendees were also taken on a tour of the fantastic Leicester Grammar School facilities.

In their Ambassador roles, Lucy and Josie will be supporting the School Games and inspiring our young athletes to get involved.

Lucy Garner, said: “I am very proud to be the Young Sporting Ambassador for the Leicester-Shire & Rutland School Games; school sport is so important for young people, and was to me, and the School Games enables every school and young person to take part in competitive sport and be inspired with London 2012 only a few months away!”

Lucy also spoke about her sporting experiences: “I’ve always done the normal sports like swimming and running and the schools I’ve been to have always been big on sport. I also competed in local cross country races and played things like netball and basketball. I think at a young age it is hard to lose, but growing up in such a competitive sport, I’ve learnt how to deal with that.”

When asked about her school sporting experience, Josie Inverdale said: “I loved playing sport at school. I played so many sports with friends and against friends from other schools. It was about getting involved, getting active and learning how to win and lose; as you experience lots of emotions that you don’t necessarily get in other environments. It’s set me up for what I’m doing now in hockey and in general life as well.”

For more information visit www.lrsport.org/schoolgames

Pictured above: Lucy Garner, Andy Reed, Chairman of Leicestershire & Rutland Sport, Chris King, Headmaster of Leicester Grammar School, Geoff Maltby, School Games Lead for Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport and Josie Inverdale. Lucy and Josie are holding the School Games Winners Trophies.

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