Modern CEO's forecast: The corona plague will end by the end of 2022

The CEO of the modern pharmaceutical company, Dr. Stefan Bancel, predicts that the corona plague will pass by the end of next year, 2022. He presented this forecast in an interview with the respected Swiss daily “Noya Zurich Zeitung” Published in Zurich. He estimated that the routine of life in the world would return at the end of 2022 because “the world will defeat the virus by increasing the rate of vaccine production against corona.”

“He expects all humans on the planet and the increased rate will also ensure adequate distribution of booster doses.” He expects more governments around the world to approve booster vaccines.

He also noted that the delta strain of the virus will eventually cause the corona to become a type of winter illness like the flu: “Those who do not get vaccinated – will vaccinate themselves naturally.” “We’ll get to a situation similar to that of the flu. But like the flu, those who do not get vaccinated put themselves in danger of being hospitalized. “

According to his forecast , quoted this morning by many world newspapers Young people will be vaccinated against Corona once every three years and adults once a year.

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