Music Canada launches research study on equity, diversity and inclusion in Canada’s music industry, in collaboration with Ryerson’s Diversity Institute

May 17, 2021: Music Canada, in collaboration with the Diversity Institute at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management, is releasing a survey as part of a new and first-of-its kind research study on equity, diversity and inclusion in Canada’s music industry. Artists, creators, and music industry professionals are encouraged to participate in the national and bilingual survey linked at

This survey and the broader research study intends to identify diversity and inclusion gaps within the music industry and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and barriers to success of diverse artists, creators and music professionals in the Canadian music industry. 

 “Equity, diversity, and inclusion are at the centre of Music Canada’s core values, and we are committed to advancing these both internally in our organization and in the broader music community,” Jennifer M. Sloan, Board Chair of Music Canada. “By consulting the Canadian music community, working collaboratively with the Diversity Institute and with music sector leaders to identify and address barriers, we can meaningfully gain ground together to create a more inclusive music industry in Canada.” 

“This survey is part of Music Canada and our members’ commitment to the values of equity, diversity and inclusion within the music community,” says Patrick Rogers, CEO of Music Canada. “By working with subject matter experts at the Diversity Institute, we will be able to gather actionable information relating to Canada’s music industry.”

“In order to address systemic barriers and challenges to success in our industry, we need to consult directly with individuals throughout Canada’s music community to understand their experiences,” says Jackie Dean, COO of Music Canada. “This research will help us develop a deeper understanding of those experiences in order to help create a better music ecosystem for all.” 

The Diversity Institute has over two decades of proven experience in developing equity, diversity and inclusion strategies and activities that can better support individuals, organizations and corporations, and society at large. Diversity and inclusion sectoral research is a primary area of research for the Institute. A wide range of diverse music industry partners were consulted on the survey, including ADVANCE, Canada’s Black Music Business Collective; Women in Music Canada; the Canadian Country Music Association and others. It has also been shared with Music Canada’s Advisory Council Members in recognition of their expertise from across the Canadian music community. 

“ADVANCE wants to ensure an equitable, diverse and inclusive music industry,” said Keziah Myers, Executive Director, ADVANCE, Canada’s Black Music Business Collective. “In efforts that advocate for the Black community, ADVANCE has collaborated with Music Canada in a new research study focusing on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Canada’s Music Industry. This study will examine the Canadian music industry to identify enablers, challenges and barriers to success. We encourage all of ADVANCE’s members, audiences and supporters to take part in this brief, anonymous online survey. Adding your perspective will help identify diversity and inclusion gaps in the sector, and move towards positive systemic change.”

“The Canadian Country Music Association is committed to making the values of equity, diversity and inclusion an integral part of our culture,” said Tracy Martin, President, Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA). “This new research study will help our sector gain a deeper understanding of how sustained action in support of these values can better serve the music community. I encourage all CCMA members to add their perspective by completing this brief, anonymous survey, which will help identify diversity and inclusion gaps in Canada’s music sector.”

“Women in Music is happy to support this crucial research, which will help inform the creation of policies improve industry practices,” said Samantha Slattery, Chair and Founder, Women in Music Canada (WIMC).


Erica Meekes
Music Canada

(416) 462-1485

About Music Canada
Music Canada represents Canada’s major record labels: Sony Music Entertainment Canada, Universal Music Canada and Warner Music Canada. We advocate for a healthy and vibrant Canadian music ecosystem, which includes labels, performing artists, publishers, songwriters, managers and others.

About the Diversity Institute
Founded in 1999, the Diversity Institute at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management conducts and coordinates multidisciplinary, multi-stakeholder research to address the needs of diverse Canadians, the changing nature of skills and competencies, and the policies, processes and tools that advance economic inclusion and success. Our action-oriented, evidence-based approach is advancing knowledge of the complex barriers faced by under-represented groups, leading practices to effect change, and producing concrete results.

The Diversity Institute leads the Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub and a stream of research for the Future Skills Centre. It has also developed impactful programs like the Newcomer Entrepreneurship Hub, championed legislative change on Bill C-25 and helped companies develop tools to harness inclusion as a driver for success.

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