Nagita Slavina's Mask Makes Shocking, Netizens: Corona Hurry Up Insecure See the Price!

After making a scene because of the price of night cream, Nagita Slavina again stole the attention of netizens on social media. Raffi Ahmad’s wife made a scene with the items she used recently.

Not clothes, bags, shoes, but this time the mask that Nagita Slavina is wearing is what makes netizens gawk. The mask was worn by the woman who is familiarly called Gigi when she went to the mall.

Nagita Slavina has always been famous for always wearing medical masks that are quite expensive, which can reach Rp. 300,000 per pack. But this time, the masks for the mother-of-two were much more expensive.

Nagita SlavinaNagita Slavina

Also Read: No wonder Nagita Slavina has smooth skin, this is the price of Madame Sultan Andara’s Night Cream! , @fashion_nagitaslabvina, Friday (9/24/2021) Nagita Slavina turned out to be wearing a Philips Fresh Air Mask luxury mask. Peeked at the shopmask website, the price is USD 199 or approximately Rp. 2.8 million.

Various funny comments were made by netizens who were surprised to see the nominal price of one mask belonging to Nagita which reached almost Rp. 3 million. Netizens commented, the expensive masks must provide air that is different from ordinary masks, ranging from heavenly oxygen, cold like air conditioning, cool air like in the mountains to make the corona virus feel inferior.

“Masks taste mountain air, Mama Gigi,” commented Juraandum Nagita Slavina

“Whoever wears the mask , 100 percent oxygen from heaven,” said the account Listy__rose

“Is there air conditioning???” asked Amymaw curiously.

“The mask has the smell of happiness,” added a netizen who owns an account named ek_thiana

The mask can filter viruses, dust, sins -I think past sins and mistakes,” wrote the account Luthfia

“Corona is insecure when you look at the price,” commented Diiannabilah


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