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In a physical pharmacy we not only find prescription drugs . What’s more, most of the times we approach a pharmacy is to buy over-the-counter drugs and parapharmacy products Why not do it online? Okfarma is an online pharmacy that offers any type of online medicine without a prescription , approved by the Ministry of Health, and allows that this purchase can be made comfortably from home or from our smartphone wherever we are.

One page safe

One of the things that most concern us when buying non-prescription drugs online is that we are in front of a page safe. As we mentioned, Okfarma only has products approved by the Ministry of Health for sale . In addition, it should be noted that the web pages that sell these types of products on the internet are continuously reviewed to ensure that all quality criteria are met so that the product reaches the consumer in perfect condition.

Free online consultations

Yes something differentiates Okfarma from other similar pages, is that, among other things, offers free consultations .

Many people are reluctant to buy online because does not have the treatment of a pharmacist , but Okfarma has made sure that this is not an impediment . Thus, they offer endless forms of contact in which the user can communicate with a team of pharmacists who will solve all their doubts.

Perhaps the most interesting is Okfarma’s customer service . Through their phone number (926-051-051) you can contact their team of pharmacists at any time of the day, any day of the year. In this way, we will obtain the same advice as in a 24-hour physical pharmacy, with professionals on the other side of the phone who will know how to answer all your questions.

This phone number is the fastest way to contact the pharmaceutical team. However, it is not the only way to do it. It is also possible to contact them via email .

Likewise, on their own page they have general information and a series of frequently asked questions with their answers, which will solve all kinds of doubts about the purchase process on the web.

Fast shipments throughout Spain

We have an attention, As we can see, really good, but in addition, we must also point out the good functioning of the shipments.

Okfarma is the online sales page of a physical pharmacy located in Ciudad Real. They supply the products for sale in their pharmacy to the entire peninsula, although if we are interested in shipments to the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands or abroad, it can be consulted by email, by phone or through the web chat.

As for the times, shipments to the peninsula will arrive between 24 and 48 hours after processing the order. Undoubtedly very interesting times that are added to the comfortable purchase from home.

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