One of Apex’s highest-picked legends falls to the bottom of the charts after multiple kit changes

One of the most popular Apex Legends characters throughout the entire year has dropped down to their lowest point ever, having been sidelined and forgotten by both the casual and competitive communities.

According to Apex Legends Status, Seer has tied for last place in the global pick rate, with only one percent of the player base choosing to use the Ambush Artist. Previously, Seer ranked in the top five out of 24 playable legends but now sits at his lowest-ever pick rate since his season 10 introduction.

Seer’s release dominance could be attributed to his unique Recon abilities, as he was able instantly scan for enemies at any time without cooldown thanks to his passive, while other legends like Bloodhound would have to burn long cooldowns for the same effect. His tactical also offered the most information and utility mid-fight, as it damaged, silenced, slowed, blinded, and canceled the healing or reviving actions of any enemies caught in the radius while revealing the exact armor and health to his entire team.

These traits would lead Seer to the top of the pick leaderboards and cause Respawn to target him in multiple seasons with a wide variety of nerfs that slowly took away integral features of his kit. A mid-season 10 patch would remove his tactical’s damage and blinding effect, and season 15 would make Seer’s passive audible to enemies while in use, taking away his ability to ambush enemies. 

However, the most notable changes would come in the Season 17 Dressed to Kill update, which introduced nerfs to all three parts of his kit: an additional delay and reduced range to his Heartbeat Sensor, Focus of Attention losing the ability to cancel enemies who are healing or reviving teammates, and Exhibit losing throw distance and the diamond body markers for enemies in the ultimate. 

These nerfs destroyed multiple ability combos, like with Cataylst’s Dark Veil, as Exhibit was the only scan ability in the entire game to still work through the wall before the nerfs, making him an invaluable asset in any team composition.

On the competitive side of Apex, Seer was universally acclaimed as the most important Recon legend, maintaining a 60% pick rate in both Split One and Split Two Playoffs. However, teams would slowly phase Seer out of their compositions throughout the Pro League as more aggressive legends like Horizon and Bloodhound took his place, able to gain information and capitalize on it quicker than a nerfed Seer.

The 2023 ALGS Championship also featured the least amount of Seer play ever in a LAN environment, as he wasn’t even picked until day three of the competition, completely overlooked by all 40 international teams during the Groups Stage.

He would end the tournament with only seven picks, making up less than one percent of the Championship legend pick rate. In comparison, Mad Maggie and Wraith, who weren’t even picked at all in the entire ALGS year, made their debut in the Group Stage and ended with more picks than Seer before his arrival on day three.

Seer now sits as the most unpopular legend in the game, having lost his entire identity as an offensive scan legend that enabled his team to identify weak targets in a fight, a role now taken by Revenant Reborn. Now only seen as useful for his tactical’s silence duration, Seer mains will have to wait until next season’s patch notes if Respawn will walk back any of the myriad nerfs to his kit.

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