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Final Trailer: “Jackass Forever” thumbnail

Final Trailer: “Jackass Forever”

Paramount Pictures A final trailer has premiered for “Jackass Forever,” the fourth and final feature in the wacky stunt franchise. Much of the old gang returns for another round of dangerous stunts and gross humor over twenty years after their series premiered on MTV and over ten years since the last film. Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O,…
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Bring back StreetPass on Switch, you cowards thumbnail

Bring back StreetPass on Switch, you cowards

Do it Five years ago, Nintendo announced that the Switch would not be getting Miiverse and StreetPass. It was kind of devastating. While the Switch has gone on to be a monumental success by any metric, it also doesn’t have Miiverse or StreetPass. Or folders. Or a chunk of things that wouldn’t take away from the integrity…
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Everyone should read the words of Ana Bučević carefully! thumbnail

Everyone should read the words of Ana Bučević carefully!

Svaku želju je moguće ostvariti samo ukoliko čvrsto verujemo u nju, slažu se svi motivacioni govornici. Ali zašto ona nekim ljudima ide sve od ruke, dok drugi tapkaju u mestu i nikad ništa ne postignu u životu, a jednako žele taj savršeni život Ana Bučević, jedna je od najpoznatijih motivacionih govornica u regionu i trenera…
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Activision Blizzard tells SEC it's unaware of employee strike thumbnail

Activision Blizzard tells SEC it’s unaware of employee strike

Publisher's filing omits labor action at Raven, also says it faces no legal proceedings that would have a "material adverse effect" despite multiple government agency suitsAn Activision Blizzard filing with the SEC today said the publisher was not aware of any labor strikes or significant legal proceedings against the company, despite an ongoing walkout at…
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