President Moon: “The Korean Peninsula problem will be resolved once North Korea-US dialogue begins”

President Moon Jae-in announced on the 24th (local time) He is speaking in an interview with ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’. ABC broadcast capture

President Moon Jae-in said, “As soon as North Korea-US dialogue begins, the Korean Peninsula issue will be resolved.

President Moon said in an interview with ABC’s ‘Nightline’ on the 25th (local time). “President Joe Biden has a seasoned leadership,” he said. “I urge North Korea to engage in dialogue as soon as possible,” he added. The interview was conducted at the UN representative in New York, where the 76th UN General Assembly was held on the 21st, and the current situation was not reflected. Earlier, in his keynote address to the UN General Assembly on the 21st, President Moon publicly proposed to declare the end of the war, saying, “I propose that the three South and North Americans or the four North and South Americans gather together to declare the end of the war on the Korean Peninsula.” On the 24th, Kim Yeo-jung, deputy director of the North Korean Workers’ Party, responded, saying, “It is an interesting proposal and a good idea.” In addition, President Moon explained why he appointed BTS as a ‘Presidential Special Envoy for Future Generations and Culture’ and said, “The mission we wanted to achieve with BTS was the UN’s SDG) Moment’ event was to attract attention” and explained, “The goal was very successful.”
Regarding the influence of Korean culture, President Moon said, “The power of culture is very great. I think it shows the dignity of the country.” “I would like to express my gratitude to BTS and other representatives of Hallyu culture. He also said, “I get a lot of help from diplomacy.”

President Moon said, “Korea is It was evaluated as a model country for quarantine,” he said. “However, the vaccine started slowly, but it is progressing very quickly, so maybe next month, it will become a leading country in the world.”

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