Prime Minister Bennett: “Restrictions on gatherings will hardly reduce morbidity”

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett expressed in a discussion held on Thursday an objection to the position of the Ministry of Health officials who presented to him the conclusions of a professional discussion of the National Cabinet of Experts, in which they recommended restrictions on gatherings. Bennett, according to a report on Channel 12 last night (Saturday), claimed that he opposes the closures, demands to continue with the established policy and even stated: . Restrictions will only lead to economic damage. “The prime minister added that” the government is only acting on facts and we are sticking to our line. “

And conclusions according to which it is necessary to change the attitude in order to deal with the corona plague.

In a discussion held by Bennett with the participation of the directors of the various government ministries, he stated: “This is the Israeli government. The government’s policy is: Israel is open but in a stubborn, sophisticated war, in an epidemic and not in isolation and more and more restrictions because it is the easiest, but it is not a solution.” He added: “I am thinking of the patients but also of the economy, education and parents who need to go to work. The government should put the emphasis in the coming days on reopening the school year and applying the rules of the upgraded green label and its enforcement.”

The “upgraded” green label will apply from the beginning of October to recipients of a third vaccine who are entitled to it, and those who have not been vaccinated with a booster, according to the schedule, will be required to present frequent tests to enter public places. Facts and figures. The sweeping restrictions you have proposed, “Bennett told health ministry representatives,” will hardly reduce morbidity. It is in any case in unvaccinated population groups. The restrictions will only lead to economic damage, to harm to livelihoods – to no avail. We stick to our line: Israel is open, continued immunization, tightening of the green mark and a mass of tests. “

The vast majority of critically ill patients – unvaccinated

Meanwhile, this morning (Sunday), Ido Efrati reported in “Haaretz” that According to the Ministry of Health, the rate of serious illness in adults is declining, and young people who have not been vaccinated are replacing them in all hospitals. The vaccination campaign in Israel began about nine months ago. In the age group of 60 and over, about 110,000 people were not vaccinated. Among those aged 49-40, about 145,000 Israelis are not immunized. Among those aged 30-30, 180,000 have not yet been vaccinated, and among those aged 20-20, 230,000 have not been vaccinated. This is in addition to about 350,000 children and youth.

More from data from the Ministry of Health: The most prominent feature of the difficult patients who now fill the corona wards and intensive care units, among them quite a few who are also connected to Acmo and respirators, is that they are not vaccinated. Belong to a group of about 240,000 people aged 40-60 who have not been vaccinated. A smaller proportion of patients in critical condition belong to a group of about 400,000 unvaccinated people aged 20-30. Also, since the fourth corona wave began in June, 96% of the dead in the age group of people under 50 have not been vaccinated at all. The unvaccinated make up 69% of all difficult patients in this age group. “Unvaccinated patients. In the young unvaccinated, the disease is much more severe in a way that they could not have imagined,” said Dr. Elyakim-Raz of Beilinson.

Aharon “and Ynet presented in this morning’s report a description of some of the most crowded corona wards and here too the report focuses on the unvaccinated who are burdening the hospital system and the dependence of these patients on respirators and Acmo. The doctors quoted in a report from Soroka, Hillel Yaffe, Ichilov and Assaf Harofeh hospitals described the situation as “war rooms” and the difficulties they face as a result of these burdens.

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