Promise Day 2022: Share these ‘Kasme Vaade’ WhatsApp messages, SMS, couplets with your loved ones

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What makes a relationship beautiful? The promise of making it better and always trying to improve it. Keeping a promise and fulfilling it makes the bond stronger. Here we are with an interesting day of Valentine’s week, Promise day. As we are celebrating the day of promises on Friday, 11 February, here are some one-liners, some messages that will send out your love for the partner, and create the assurance of being committed.

1) No matter what, I’ll always be on your side
2) I vouch to protect you from all the sorrows and miseries, till my last breath! 

3) Time changes, era changes, but my love for you will always remain the same. 

4) You’ve locked me in your heart, and I will be in there… forever!

5) Your smile, your laughter, your love, your warmth… I do whatever it takes to keep these with me.

6)  Where you’ll go, I’ll go. You’ll cry, I’ll cry, and if you die, I’ll follow you there as well.  

7) I cannot let you go off from me. Even if you go, I’ll pull you back to keep our fights on. I promise

8) I may not be able to solve all your problems, but I promise that you won’t have to fight with them all alone. 

9) One day we’ll be laughing at all our tough times. Until then, just stay strong, and stay with me. 

10) I promise that we’ll be together, fight together, and sail through every hardship.

A person should make promise only when he or she possess the dedication to fulfil it. Promise Day is one of those second chances where a person gets to confess the shortcomings of the relationship and can aim to rectify by swaering an honest attempt

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