Queen To Begin Jubilee Tour With Visit To DMU

The Queen will begin her Diamond Jubilee tour of the UK by visiting De Montfort University in Leicester, accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh and The Duchess of Cambridge.

The Royal Party will visit the city on Thursday 8th March as the start of a tour of England, Wales and Scotland. Staff and students at the university are making preparations for the historic arrival – which will be the first time the Duchess has taken part in an official engagement with the Queen and Duke without her husband, Prince William.

DMU Vice-Chancellor Professor Dominic Shellard said:

“Our university is most honoured to have been chosen to mark the start of The Queen’s tour of the United Kingdom to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee year. We are immensely proud that Her Majesty is to be accompanied by His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh and Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge.

“The excitement and anticipation felt around our campus since this visit was announced is a measure of the great affection our students and staff have for The Queen. This special celebration will be history in the making, not just for De Montfort University, but for the people of Leicester, and I have no doubt memories of this occasion will be cherished, for years to come, by everyone who witnesses it.”

The Royal Party will be greeted upon arrival by Professor Shellard; Deputy Chairman of the Board of Governors Mr Mike Kapur; and Chancellor Queen Dutchess of Cambrid Queen To Begin Jubilee Tour With Visit To DMUof DMU Lord Waheed Alli. They will then be escorted through Magazine Square to view the Diamond Jubilee Carnival celebrations involving students and the wider community of Leicester.

The spectacle on show will reflect the international diversity of the university and the city, with performances by student dance groups and professional local groups orchestrated by staff at Leicester’s iconic Curve theatre.

Professor Shellard and Lord Alli will then escort The Queen and Duchess to a marquee to enjoy the De Montfort Fashion and Cultural Show – which will include fashion lines designed by DMU students and noted alumni. Meanwhile, The Duke will be invited by Mr Kapur to meet representatives of DMU’s award-winning Square Mile initiative.

The Royal Party will then reconvene to be presented with gifts to commemorate their visit, before Professor Shellard invites Her Majesty and His Royal Highness to sign a commemorative portrait photograph and the DMU visitor’s book.

Finally, Her Majesty will be asked to unveil a commemorative plaque in Magazine Square to forever mark the auspicious occasion.

Social media users will be able to follow events leading up to the visit and activities on the day using the Twitter hashtag #royalDMU or through the official DMU Facebook page.

Professor Shellard added: “The fact that the world’s media will be watching has not been lost on us and this will give DMU a chance to share with everyone our passion, commitment and a spirit of innovation which has earned us a reputation for being a university of quality and distinctiveness.

“I look forward to everyone who attends turning our campus into a sea of red, white and blue in honour of Her Majesty. God Save The Queen!”

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