Recognizing Brain Bleeding, Causes Arowana's Punch Was Suddenly Taken to the Hospital

NEWS surprising comes from Tukul Arowana. The famous comedian and presenter was rushed to the hospital, reportedly due to cerebral hemorrhage.

“It looks like he was dizzy. Then, come on, take him to the doctor,” said Tukul house keeper, Jaka, quoted from the MOP Channel YouTube channel, Thursday (22/9). /2021).

A cerebral hemorrhage is a type of stroke caused by a ruptured artery in the brain. As a result, muscle tissue is filled with blood which can kill cells in the brain. Launching from The Sun, this condition causes 13% of stroke cases. Pain Due to Brain Bleeding

When the blood irritates the brain tissue, there will be swelling and the accumulated blood will become more clotted. The condition increases pressure on nearby brain tissue, which reduces vital blood flow and kills brain cells.

Symptoms of a brain hemorrhage include a sudden headache, weakness in the function of the hands or feet, tingling or numbness, and difficulty speaking, swallowing, writing, and speaking. However, brain bleeding can still be treated with the right measures.

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