Restaurant Staff Refuses To Serve Black Soldier.. She Returns The Next Day And Does THIS

When Diana, a black female soldier, walked into a restaurant, all she wanted was to get her food and return to work. However, things went awry when the staff refused to serve her. The next day, she returned and did something shocking.

That fateful day, Tiano walked into the restaurant during peak lunch hours. Most workers were on lunch break from work, and as such, the restaurant was filled with customers. It was quite a busy day for the staff. All around them, the hushed whisper of the customers could be heard; everyone was keeping their voices down as they talked. It was as if breaking the quiet of the restaurant was sacrilegious.Diana had been working hard since morning. She had a report to two of her superiors who had been at opposite ends of the city. She had struggled with traffic and still managed to……..Read Full Story Here……………..

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