'School violence controversy' Lee Jae-young and Da-young, 'Road to Greece' open?

Volleyball Association refuses to issue transfer agreement
Final decision on whether to approve FIVB on the 24th

school Twin sisters Lee Jae-young (right) and Da-young, who were virtually expelled from Korean volleyball due to violence, are trying to advance into the Greek professional league. The two players played in last year’s league match. News1

The twin sisters Jae-young Lee and Da-young Lee (over 25) were the top stars of Korean professional volleyball until the beginning of this year, but now they are players that fans do not want to see. It was revealed that he continued to use violence against his teammates within the volleyball club during his high school days. Heungkuk Life Insurance, the team they belonged to, released them when there was a request that the two players could no longer play volleyball on the court, and the Korea Volleyball Association also disqualified them from the national team. Then, they looked for a way to continue their career abroad. It is expected that the final decision will be made on the 24th as to whether the twin sisters will go abroad. A volleyball official who helps the sisters advance overseas said on the 22nd, “The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) will make a final decision on the issuance of the International Transfer Agreement (ITC) at the latest on the 24th.” They signed a contract with the Greek League club PAOK Thessaloniki last month. Their annual salaries are 40,000 euros (about 55.5 million won), which is only 10% of the total salaries the sisters received when they were active in the domestic league. However, the two players are actively pursuing overseas expansion because there is room to continue their completely blocked career.

However, as the Volleyball Association refuses to issue ITC for the twin sisters, the confirmation of joining is being delayed. Through the regulations, the Association states, “Those who have received disciplinary action from volleyball-related organizations such as the Korea Olympic Committee (KOC), the Association, and affiliated federations and whose enforcement period has not expired, (sexual) violence, match manipulation, military service evasion, and other unsavory acts. It restricts the qualifications for overseas entry of “those who caused social scandal or caused serious damage to the volleyball world”. Accordingly, the sisters asked FIVB, a senior organization of the Volleyball Association, to interpret the authority for the issuance of the ITC. There was a view that it would be unreasonable to prevent them from going abroad in law as the domestic disciplinary action given to them was due to the school violence controversy that took place 10 years ago, long before the international transfer rules were made. We are trying to expand overseas through an organization. If the FIVB accepts this opinion and determines that the sister’s international transfer is possible, the ITC may be approved ex officio without the consent of the Volleyball Association. And, if the ITC is approved, the sisters can get a work visa from the Greek embassy in Korea based on this and play in the Greek league starting on October 9th.

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