Seasonal emotional cycles

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Our emotions are alive, that’s why they change. In fact, everything changes. And our emotions adapt to the seasonal cycles that surround us. For this reason, it is usual not to feel the same in summer as in winter, although that depends largely on the person and their tastes in terms of temperature.

Today I want you to reflect, so that you know yourself through the seasons

  • In which season do you feel most comfortable?
  • At what time of the year do you feel you have the most energy?
  • Does the rain make you sad or fill you with life?
  • Do you feel more irritable at any time of the year?
  • Does the heat Does it tire you or makes you feel very vital?
  • To what extent a gray day or a very hot, can your emotions change?

We can get to know each other more deeply through the time that surrounds us and that helps us better understand our emotions already regulate Arlas more easily.

In my case, I feel more comfortable with the cold. I love fall, gray, rainy or foggy days. That climate makes me feel comfortable and happy. Summer, however, I don’t like too much because the heat overwhelms me. And you, How does the weather make you feel?

Beyond this, I want to teach you to consciously live your emotions at each stage of the year, because each of They hold important lessons for us…

Live consciously stations

Christopher Hansard , in his book “ The Tibetan Art of Serenity” , gives us a series of guidelines about the contributions that each season of the year and how we can develop through them.

Autumn : It is my favorite station, I think because it is a time when the world detaches itself from what it does not need, it is a station of silence and shows the impermanence and constant change that is present at all times. Represents the nature of all things and phenomena … that are born, grow and fade away. It also tells us that everything is connected and that gives me serenity, because allows me to understand the deep connections I have with nature, with other human beings and with the cosmos as a whole.

Winter : Usually represents stillness, darkness and the cold, that invite us to withdraw, to go deeper from ourselves. This stage, which may seem dead, actually allows everything to rest, that things may regenerate and heal so you can come back to life in the next station. In this stage vital energy is protected, cared for . Winter teaches us to stay calm and resistant, it makes us stronger and more resilient . The serenity of winter, connects us with wisdom, compassion and acceptance.

Spring : It shows us life that returns after a time of calm, of growing from within . At this time of year, we can feel impatience to come back to life, awakening again to activity due to an increase in the hours of sunshine. We can also overwhelm ourselves in the spring because it seems like everything is in motion too Quick, everything is transitory and it seems that life itself pushes us To the change. Spring can also bring us serenity by understanding that nothing dies permanently, that it only changes shape.

Summer : Full of heat, light and brightness, summer can exhaust us for the explosion of energy it represents. Despite this, summer is a healing station that is capable of making us feel a deep feeling of well-being although sometimes we can also cling and stick to this stage and we can suffer when it goes away . Sometimes the summer creates the illusion that nothing changes , so it can be a perfect way to work the impermanence , because everything changes.

Be aware of how your favorite stations indicate if you feel more comfortable with a life that spins fast (like in the spring) or with one where things go slower (like in the fall). Nature has cycles of a lot of activity and others of rest. Imitate the natural world and avoid exhausting yourself without much rest, because that way you will end up burned and losing yourself.

Now that the colder seasons are approaching, go inside yourself, take refuge inside yourself and know yourself more deeply.

And if you need help for this journey into yourself, remember that I am delighted to accompany you on this path. You can write me through this link .

Enjoy each season, get to know yourself through them

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