Securing recording files of key people in 'Daejang-dong Incident'… Is Hwacheon Daeyu the key to revealing the preferential treatment?

Prosecutors enter compulsory investigations such as seizure and search

16 prosecutors are deployed in a short period of time
Departure ban of major related persons such as Yoo Dong-gyu
A big wave when confirming Lee Jae-myung mention in the transcript

Attention to Kwon Soon-il’s role revealed as an employee ) Police also summoned Lee Han-seong soon from ‘Cheonhwa Dongin No. 1’
Lee Chang-jae and Kim Ki-dong also legally advised… Amplify Suspicion

Prosecutor General Oh-su Kim entered the Gwangju High School and District Prosecutors’ Office in Jisan-dong, Dong-gu, Gwangju on the 29th to answer questions from reporters. have. Commissioner Kim visited Gwangju on the same day as the second itinerary for the regional prosecutor’s office. Gwangju=Yonhap News

Prosecutors will hold the election in March next year

The Prosecutor’s Office on the 29th of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office 4th Deputy Chief Prosecutor Kim Tae-hoon as the team leader An investigation team dedicated to suspected development cases was formed and 16 prosecutors were dispatched to conduct a blitzkrieg search and seizure. As suspicions about the Daejang-dong development project are growing like a snowball, such as the involvement of Democratic Party candidate Lee Jae-myung, it seems that they are trying to find out the truth by concentrating their investigative power in a short period of time.

The key to the prosecution’s investigation is whether Hwacheon Daeyu Asset Management (hereafter, Hwacheon Daeyu), which earned close to 1 trillion won in profits through the development of Daejang-dong, received unfair privileges in the selection process, and whether candidate Lee Jae-myung, then mayor of Seongnam, intervened in the selection process.

The 19 recorded files submitted to the prosecution by accountant Jeong Young-hak, who wrote the Daejang-dong development project plan, etc. is the key It is also known that Yoo Dong-gyu, former acting president of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, who was involved in the development project, also appeared in this file. Acting Jeon Yoo is also close to Candidate Lee, so any mention of Candidate Lee will inevitably cause a significant stir.

Hwacheon, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 29th Prosecutors are leaving the Daeyu headquarters after a search and seizure. The prosecution began a full-scale investigation by seizing and searching the residences of Manbae Kim, the largest shareholder of Hwacheon Daeyu Asset Management, and Yoo Dong-gyu, former acting president of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, as well as the residences of the beneficial owners of #2-7 in Cheonhwa-dong. Seongnam=News 1

Influential involved in Hwacheon Daeyu The role of lawyers is also subject to investigation. Above all, it is unclear why former Supreme Court Justice Kwon Soon-il has been paid 15 million won a month since November last year and even received salaries as an employee. This is because if former Supreme Court Justice Kwon had been an employee, his role would go beyond the level of adviser known so far. It is also questionable whether the payment of torture and salaries to former Supreme Court Justice Kwon is related to Lee’s acquittal in a case of violating the Public Official Election Act while serving as Supreme Court Justice. The prosecution is said to be investigating the possibility that former Supreme Court Justice Kwon himself might not have known that he was an employee of Hwacheon Daeyu. In addition to former Supreme Court Justice Kwon, Hwacheon Daeyu’s legal advisory group is also known to include former Vice Justice Lee Chang-jae and former Prosecutor Kim Ki-dong, raising suspicions.

Inside and outside the prosecution is paying attention to independent lawmaker Kwak Sang-do. The prevailing opinion is that the 5 billion won that Rep. Kwak’s son received from Hwacheon Daeyu as a severance pay is excessive compared to the usual level. Candidate Lee’s side is counterattacking, arguing that it may be a bribe that the Park Geun-hye administration and the people’s power blocked Seongnam’s public development when it was revealed that Kwak’s son had received a large amount of severance pay. Rep. Kwak was the chief of civil affairs at the Blue House under the Park Geun-hye administration. Prosecutors are expected to determine the truth of Kwak’s son by examining his duties at Hwacheon Daeyu.

Former Special Prosecutor Park Young-soo. Yonhap News

Former Special Prosecutor Park Young-soo is also subject to investigation. is up Former Special Prosecutor Park worked as an advisory lawyer from the establishment of Hwacheon Daeyu in 2015 to November 2016, when he was appointed as the special prosecutor, and received an annual advisory fee of 200 million won. The nature of the apartment of the company that Hwacheon Daeyu sold to the daughter of former special prosecutor Park is another point to consider. The daughter of former special prosecutor Park made a profit of nearly 1 billion won from the sale of an apartment that was lower than the market price. finished The Gyeonggi Nambu Police Agency’s dedicated investigation team said that it had called in an official from the Citizens’ Livelihood Countermeasures Committee, a civic group, to investigate the accuser. Earlier, on the 27th, the People’s Livelihood Countermeasures Committee filed a complaint with the police on ‘the case of suspicion of preferential treatment for development in Daejang-dong’ and ‘the case of receiving 5 billion won in severance pay from the son of independent lawmaker Kwak Sang-do’. The police will soon summon Lee Han-seong, the representative of Cheonhwa-dong 1, who is a key person in the case, to investigate.

Prosecutor’s Office Seongnam City, Gyeonggi Province on the 29th A full-scale investigation began with a search and seizure of the ‘Hwacheon Daeyu Asset Management’ office, which is suspected of favoritism in the Daejang-dong development project. The photo shows the entrance to the Hwacheon Daeyu office, where the search and seizure is in progress. Seongnam=Senior Correspondent Huh Jeong-ho

All related materials have been handed over from the Yongsan Police Station, which has been investigating the flow. An official from the investigation team said, “As the case is unified with the Gyeonggi Nambu Office, we are adjusting the summons schedule for those involved.”

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