Shock! Viral Woman Finds Lice in Chili Powder Restaurants in Jakarta

A video uploaded by the TikTok account @nosugar.pls went viral after he showed the presence of lice in chilli powder at a restaurant in Jakarta.

Yes, when he tried to pay attention to the contents of the jar, a lot of fleas were hanging around the chili powder. He even poured the chili powder on the table.

As a result, the lice also fell on the table in large numbers. As a result, the girl in the video lost her appetite instantly.

Kutu Bubuk Cabai

“Guys, be careful when you eat anywhere, first look at the contents of the jar,” said the girl in the video.

“My friend wants to get chili powder at a restaurant in Jakarta, but many animals like this don’t want to eat right away, right?” he continued.

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Kutu Bubuk Cabai

After the video went viral, the restaurant sent him a message apologizing for the incident. The restaurant also asked all branches to check all the condiments on their tables.

Kutu Bubuk Cabai

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