Successful pilot project expected to lead to expanded school zone radar coverage

A report will be brought to council’s transportation committee on Oct. 6 recommending 15 new school area photo radar cameras by the end of 2022.

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Photo radar and signage on Smyth Road,
Photo radar and signage on Smyth Road, Photo by Ashley Fraser /Postmedia

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Drivers can expect to see new photo radar setups in 15 more school areas in Ottawa by the end of 2022.

In a tweet, Mayor Jim Watson hailed a “successful” pilot program that produced “a reduction of speeds in eight school zones” in the city.

According to the mayor, a report will be brought to council’s transportation committee on Oct. 6 “that will recommend cameras be installed in 15 new school areas by the end of 2022.”

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After a successful pilot of our Automated Speed Enforcement program, which saw a reduction of speeds in 8 school zones, we will bring forward a report at Transportation Committee on Oct. 6 that will recommend cameras be installed in 15 new school areas by the end of 2022!

— Jim Watson (@JimWatsonOttawa) September 24, 2021

The transportation committee’s agenda notes council will also be asked to approve a number of staffing additions to administer the more robust program.

The committee also recommends the automated speed enforcement budget be bumped up by $438,000 for additional operating expenses to be offset by an increase in revenue of $500,000.

The mayor will also be asked to request that the provincial government double “speeding fines in school zones.”

Earlier this year, city staff told council’s transportation committee that the province made a change last fall allowing the city to stack the signs on a single post, rather than mounting them side-by-side using two posts.

In urban areas, there isn’t enough room to install two posts on a strip of city property, the committee heard.

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The city launched the photo radar pilot project in July 2020. There were no test zones in the central communities because of the signage issue.

Revenue from automated speed enforcement pays for road-safety programs aimed at reducing serious road injuries.

Phil Landry, director of traffic services, said in March there was an influx of tickets last July and August in the early weeks of the pilot project. As expected, more drivers adjusted their behaviours and the number of tickets decreased, he said.

About 47,000 tickets were generated by photo radar between July and the end of December, producing $2.5 million in revenue.

Proposed sites for new speed enforcement zones

Tenth Line Road (Amiens Street to Des Epinettes Avenue) — Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School

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Bearbrook Road (Centrepark Drive to Innes Road) — Good Shepherd Catholic School, Sainte-Marie Catholic Elementary School, Emily Carr Middle School

Greenbank Road (Jockvale Road to Half Moon Bay) — St. Joseph High School

Kanata Avenue (from Goulbourn Forced Road to Walden Drive) — All Saints High School

Abbott Street East (Moss Hill Trail to Shea Road) — Sacred Heart High School

Stittsville Main (Bandelier Way to Hazeldean Road) — St. Stephen School

Woodroffe Avenue (Georgina Drive to Highway 417) — D. Roy Kennedy Public School

Greenbank Road (Harrison Street to Banner Road) — Sir Robert Borden High School

St-Laurent Boulevard (Noranda Avenue to Clarke Avenue) — Queen Elizabeth Public School

Fisher Avenue (Deer Park Road to Kintyre Private) — St. Pius X Catholic Elementary & High School

Alta Vista Drive (Ayers Avenue to Ridgemont Avenue) — Charles H. Hulse Public School, Ridgemont High School

Crestway Drive (Oldfield Street to Hathaway Drive) — St. Andrew School

Chapman Mills Drive (Beatrice Drive to Meadgate) — St. Emily School, Jean-Robert-Gauthier Catholic Elementary School, Chapman Mills Public School

Abbeyhill Drive (Aldburn Place to Sherwood Street) — A.Y. Jackson Secondary School

Bridgestone Drive (Sunnybrooke Drive to Granite Court) — Maurice-Lapointe Public Elementary School

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