Sunshine Stars: Ondo Govt Promises To Improve Players’ Welfare

Sunshine Stars

 Ondo State Commissioner for Youths Development and Sports, Hon. Saka Yusuf-Ogunleye, has promised to improve the welfare of players and backroom staff to enhance productivity.

Yusuf-Ogunleye made the assertion when he met with players, technical crew and back­room staff of Sunshine Stars FC at the games village in Oda Road, Akure.

The commissioner opined that it became important to meet with the team and address challenges and offer immediate solutions geared towards getting desired results.

He commended the play­ers for their beautiful displays against Shooting Stars Stars FC in Ibadan recently, but cautioned against complacency in defense in their subsequent matches.

“Indiscipline in different spheres brought us to this level despite having some quality play­ers in our team, an end has come to that,” he said.

Yusuf-Ogunleye said he would look into the issues of fake registration, betting and others that had been alleged to have affected the team negative­ly.

“The challenges will be ad­dressed and those acts of insub­ordination and indiscipline will be a thing of the past. Moreso, let me quickly inform you all that I will increase your match bonus, feeding allowance will also be be increased and other entitlements will improve,” he said

The commissioner directed that electricity be restored at the team’s camp while placing a ban on players boarding a bike to training sessions .

“It’s shocking to hear you players talk about the bad state of your hostel; from this moment, it will be conducive, electricity will be restored from today and please let me notify ev­eryone here that an end has come to players taking bike to training sessions, you are professionals and it’s time to treat you as real professionals,” he added.

Chibuike Chukwu is a Senior Correspondent with Independent Newspapers Limited, a member of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) and Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN). He has reported sports, especially football, for more than eight years and presently writes on Nigeria football league, the national football teams as well as other sports. His professional career has taking him through a couple of media organizations. He is a graduate of the University of Calabar.

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