Switzerland will vote on this

The electorate decided on various questions on Sunday. Here is a selection of the templates at federal, cantonal and communal level.

Vier Wochen vor der Abstimmung demonstrierten in Biel Menschen für die Ehe für alle, die an diesem Sonntag angenommen wurde.

Four weeks before the vote, people demonstrated in Biel for the marriage for all, which was adopted this Sunday.

Anthony Anex / Keystone


Marriage for all

Parliament has decided to introduce marriage for same-sex couples. This allows them to adopt children and – in the case of lesbian couples – also have access to sperm donation. A committee made up of representatives from the EDU and SVP as well as individual representatives from the EPP and the center held the referendum. The people, however, are broadly behind the template and clearly approve of it.

No × 1 024 167

1 828 427 × Yes

26/26 cantons counted

last update 5 days ago

Sources: BfS, Cantons, SRF

99 percent initiative

The Young Socialists demanded by popular initiative a stronger taxation of high capital income. As the name of the initiative suggests, the richest percent of the population should have to pay more. With the additional income estimated at 10 billion francs, people with low and middle incomes should have been supported. But the initiative had no chance, in front of the people as well as with the estates.

No × 1 823 056

986 901 × Yes

26/26 cantons counted

last update 5 days ago

Sources: BfS, Cantons, SRF


UR: voting age 16

The voters of Uri do not want to lower the voting age to 16 years. With 68.4 percent no they have the corresponding template heavily discarded on Sunday. This means that the canton of Glarus remains the only one in Switzerland that allows young people over the age of 16 to vote and vote. The no is a surprise, at least in its clarity: except for the SVP, all parties supported the proposal. It was about the right to vote and be elected. Even with this reform, the minimum age to be elected would have remained unchanged at 18 years. The clear result is likely to be a setback to efforts to lower the voting age at the national level. However, appropriate templates are being discussed in individual cantons.

BE: Climate protection articles

The Bernese electorate clearly approves a new constitutional article on climate protection. 64 percent supported the proposal and with it the goal that the canton should become climate neutral by 2050. Only the SVP had spoken out against it. The constitutional article does not specify any concrete measures, but requires that the canton and municipalities work to limit climate change and its consequences. The no votes came primarily from the rural parts of the canton. The Grand Council had previously approved the bill with 98 yes to 44 no and 10 abstentions.

FR: Substitute election to the Council of States

In the canton of Friborg Isabelle Chassot won a seat on the Council of States for the center . Chassot clearly prevailed in the replacement election for Christian Levrat’s seat. The long-time SP President was appointed Post President at the end of March. For the SP was the Oberamtmann Carl-Alex Ridoré started. However, he had no chance against Chassot, who had been Freiburg State Councilor for twelve years and was re-elected twice with the best result. Chassot received 62.7 percent of the vote. With the election of Chassot, a high post in the federal administration becomes vacant. She has been director of the Federal Office of Culture since 2013.


Zurich: tanning initiative

The Zurich lakeshore must be protected from shadows will? No, says the city of Zurich’s electorate

No × 10 394

116 215 × Yes

9/9 areas counted

last update 5 days ago

Source: City of Zurich

Solothurn: choice to the city council

After Kurt Fluri’s reign for 28 years, the Liberals lose the city council of Solothurn. In the second ballot, the SP candidate Stefanie Ingold left her rival from the FDP, Markus Schüpbach, behind by 300 votes.

Freiburg and others: Community merger

Friborg’s chances of moving up to the third largest city in western Switzerland after Geneva and Lausanne thanks to a major merger with eight other municipalities have shrunk significantly? Of the affected municipalities of Freiburg, Villars-sur-Glâne, Marly, Granges-Paccot, Givisiez, Belfaux, Matran, Avry and Corminboeuf, only two municipalities in addition to Freiburg have voted in favor of pursuing the merger project.

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