Teachers without a green mark, not vaccinated and refusing tests will not be allowed to teach

The Ministry of Education instructed this morning (Thursday) the principals of all educational institutions not to allow entry to the schools and kindergartens of teaching staff, teachers, kindergarten teachers and assistants who do not have a green mark. The directive also states that the absence of these workers – who are not vaccinated or who refuse to present a negative corona test – will be considered as an absence from work that is unjustified and therefore does not qualify for pay. Furthermore: Principals were also required to ensure that those same teachers were not allowed to teach remotely. This directive puts an end to the many debates that have taken place recently on the subject. To date, no response has been received from the teachers’ organizations. Next week, the conditions for receiving the green label are expected to change and they will also include the booster portion. Therefore, according to various estimates, the above number is also expected to increase.

Prof. Nachman Ash, Director General of the Ministry of Health, stated that his office would recommend to the Corona Cabinet (which has not convened for two weeks) to limit gatherings At mass events, including sporting events. In an interview with Ynet , Prof. Ash said: “In the current state of illness and in preparation for returning to school next weekend, the Ministry of Health is interested in adjusting the restrictions imposed on events – weddings and others – in which there are large gatherings. “I would recommend reducing to 400 people who can be in a closed compound and over 500 and not much beyond that in an open compound.” Ash also said: “We do not see a decrease in the number of difficult patients in recent days, and this is mainly due to the non-vaccinated who became infected – their disease is more severe. We see this explicitly in the current wave.”

Akmo, said the director general of the Ministry of Health: “The distress is mainly in the medical staff, in the intensive care teams. We are on the edge in this matter. There is still room for every patient who needs it but if the numbers go up, we will have to make tough decisions. We do not want to get into this situation so it is important to get vaccinated. It is the disease of the unvaccinated that burdens the hospitals. If the numbers go up, it will be difficult to continue. “

This morning (Thursday, 06:45) it was stated in the daily report of the Ministry of Health that yesterday 5,921 new corona vertebrae were diagnosed and from midnight until the reporting date another 872. This brings the number of patients and those infected with the virus diagnosed in Israel since the outbreak to more than 1.250 million (1,250,200). However, this morning, too, there is a decrease in the number of patients in the current active state – 69,076 and also a decrease in the number of patients hospitalized – 1,061. The positive test rate was 5.64% of 106,913 made yesterday. The coefficient of infection also decreased to 0.82.

According to age groups: in people aged 60 and under, the rate of patients in a severe condition per 100,000 is 7.8; Among the unvaccinated in the booster dose – 1.4 per 100,000 and among the fully vaccinated including the booster dose – 0.5 per 100,000. Among those aged 60 and over: 185.1 per 100,000 patients in critical condition are not vaccinated, 42.5 per 100,000 are vaccinated without the booster and 4.2 per 100,000 are vaccinated with the three vaccine doses.

Among those hospitalized , 723 in severe condition, with 473 (70.5%) unvaccinated, 144 vaccinated without booster dose (21.5%) and 53 vaccinated with booster dose (8%). No data were provided for 53 additional patients.

Among the severe patients who have not yet reached 60 – 233 are not vaccinated (85%), 32 are vaccinated without the booster dose (11.7%) and nine are vaccinated in three doses (3.3%) . 197 Corona patients are connected to respirators – close to a peak in the current wave. The death toll rose to 7,592 after eight died yesterday.

14% of the newly infected are from the ultra-Orthodox sector and 24% from Arab society. 40% of those infected are children up to the age of 11 and 14% are aged 12-18. Only 4% – persons aged 60 and over.

To date, 6.07 million have been vaccinated in Israel in the first dose, 5.59 million in the second dose and 3.12 million in the booster portion, the third.

More from The report: The decrease in the number of isolated students continues – 127,421, with 36,822 of them active patients. The rest are in isolation because they have been in contact with verified.

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