Tesla enables full self-driving in the USA

FILE PHOTO: IIHS media relations associate Young demonstrates front crash prevention test on Tesla Model 3 at IIHS-HLDI Vehicle Research Center in Ruckersville, Virginia



The beta version of the self-drive mode FSD can now be used by all US customers.

Tesla has the Beta version of his “ Full Self Driving “mode (FSD) activated. With the update to the software version 2021.32.22 this can now be activated by pressing a button. A security check is made beforehand.

If you activate the FSD button, you allow Tesla to observe and analyze driving behavior. Is the driving behavior 7 days good for a long time, you get access to the beta software, Elon Musk explained a few days ago on twitter. Its security value ( safety score ) can be checked via the Tesla app.

Safe driving required

According to Tesla the security value is derived from 5 parameters determined: collision warnings per 1,000 miles , Emergency braking, aggressive acceleration, driving too close and forced shutdown of the autopilot. The formula for the calculation should be based on 6 billion kilometers driven by Teslas.

If you have proven to be suitable for the FSD button, you will receive a notification that you must keep your attention on the road. Both hands must remain on the steering wheel. Tesla writes in a warning: “FSD Beta does not make my car autonomous”. If you want to use the software, you either have to pay one-time 10,000 dollars or monthly 100 to 200 dollars pay.

Criticism from US authorities

This is also necessary because Tesla’s autopilot in the USA is currently is officially investigated . In addition, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) was critical of the area-wide offer of the FSD in the USA. Opposite the Wall Street Journal said NTSB chief Jennifer Homendy that fundamental security issues need to be addressed beforehand. FSD has seduced many people into using the technology incorrectly or improperly.

In the past, accidents had occurred time and again because people were careless at the wheel , while the autopilot was active. Some were drunk asleep , others didn’t sit at all only in the driver’s seat . According to Homendy, the “Full Self Driving” mode is misleading because, despite the warnings, the impression arises that it is autonomous driving.

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