Thailand’s Medical Services Department teams up with Huawei for 5G Healthcare

Huawei Thailand and the Department of Medical Services have inked a memorandum of understanding to jointly empower the Thai health system through 5G connection.


Under the two-year agreement, Huawei will provide 5G technologies to two partner public hospitals – the National Cancer Institute and Rajavithi Hospital. It will supervise the implementation of these digital technologies and train hospital staff for their use.

Based on a press statement, the technologies will be used for telemedicine, such as remote monitoring and diagnosis, to help minimise the risk of COVID-19 infections in the hospitals. 

These will also be deployed for emergency care services, specifically for ambulance transportation, where real-time information, such as location; vital signs; and video images, are transmitted to the hospitals instantly, guiding rescue doctors in providing adequate emergency care and preparing staff for treatment or surgery.


Huawei Thailand said their partnership aims to increase the efficiency of medical services and operations of the public health system to enhance care delivery.

At the signing event, they demonstrated the use of a smart ambulance, telemedicine and home isolation solutions that are powered by 5G.

As part of its mission, the DMS aims to introduce smart services that apply digital technologies using 5G infrastructure, AI, big data and cloud edge computing. 


Thailand has been pushing for 5G adoption in the healthcare industry. Last year in December, Siriraj Hospital, one of its largest public hospitals, signed a similar MoU with Huawei which saw the immediate upgrade of the hospital’s existing infrastructure using 5G technology. 

It was disclosed recently that the Thai government is developing a 5G-powered intelligent medical information and full-service system through the cooperation of five organisations, including the Public Health Ministry.

The Thailand Health Data Space 5G project aims to enhance the country’s health system across dimensions such as hospital transmission of information, diagnosis, follow-up, rehabilitation, and emergency treatment. 

The project represents the first part of the development of Thailand’s Big Data Health Information platform, which has three components: a big data infrastructure, a nationwide information system of hospital networks and a network of health service applications.


“During the ongoing pandemic where social distancing measures are adopted, the and Huawei will jointly explore the benefits of 5G in the healthcare field under this MoU. The joint projects will ensure better health services for Thai people,” said Thailand’s Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul.

“This MoU is a milestone that will bring rapid advances to medical care in the country. It is an honour for the DMS and our carefully selected hospitals to partner with Huawei for a cutting-edge initiative that will raise the level and standards of our hospital services and improve operational efficiency,” DMS Director-General Somsak Akksilp also commented.

“During this era of digitalisation in the medical field, it is an honour to accompany Thailand as [the] healthcare sector connects the value of medical care with the patients’ needs. Introducing smart innovations and infrastructure will improve the work of healthcare and medical professionals and the quality of life of the people in urban and rural areas. Huawei continues to push forward digital transformation in Thailand and bring digital technology to every person, home and organisation for a fully connected, intelligent Thailand,” Huawei Thailand CEO Abel Deng stated.

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