The Australian pub has picked up regulations. Once a week it turns into a church and offers “mass beer”

13. 01. 2022 17:11 | SYDNEY / kc

This is a double meter response when measures are introduced.

Austrálska krčma sa zmenila na kostol.

The Australian tavern has turned into a church. Photo: Facebook / The Lord Gladstone

The owner of a pub in the Australian metropolis of Sydney, in an effort to point to a double standard when implementing measures, decided to take a curious step. The ban on dancing and singing, which applies to cultural facilities and gastronomic establishments, but church facilities no longer, has decided to circumvent the fact that the tavern turns into a church one day a week, informs the portal Timeout .

The Lord Gladstone Hospitality drew attention to itself during the pandemic, when it was renamed The Lord Jabstone as part of the vaccination campaign. Now it has come up with non-traditional Sunday Masses, to which it invites all its customers.

They have also announced their intention on social networks, explaining their motives. “Is singing and dancing forbidden in all indoor spaces except churches? Introducing the Gladsong Hotel, Sydney’s newest and fastest-growing church institution, your sins and bathe in one of the holiest waters (our poisoned lager Gladdy), ”the status continued in a humorous tone. In the end, however, they assure potential applicants that all applicable regulations will be followed on the spot. It is not clear from the measures in force whether this is permissible in this case. January 27.

The number of people hospitalized with covid has more than tripled in New South Wales compared to Christmas. However, hospitals are struggling with staff shortages. Several health professionals have to be quarantined due to recent contacts with those infected.

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