The corona is the deadliest epidemic in U.S. history

The corona plague is already defined as “the deadliest plague in U.S. history,” with the death toll exceeding its number in the “Spanish flu” of 1918. This definition was published this week in several U.S. media outlets, among them Time and the Health and Medical News website Statnews .

According to data from a study conducted by Jones University Hopkins in Baltimore, so far 696,867 have died in the United States from corona complications, while according to CDC data, about 675,000 Americans have died from the Spanish influence that lasted two years. About 50 million have died from the Spanish influence worldwide.

In the United States, the most corona patients died out of 221 states and territories reporting their morbidity and mortality to the Johns Hopkins Database. So far in the whole world (as of this morning, Wednesday) 4,722,911 have died out of 230,326,827 cases of corona. So over 33.5 million people and in Brazil over 21 million. In the number of deaths in relation to the size of the population, Peru ranks first with 6,000 per million (so far almost 200,000) while in the United States 2,000 per million. In Israel, according to the “Johns Hopkins” database, about 800 deaths per million.

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