The most important news in cardiovascular medicine in 2021 according to the AHA

American Heart Association logo. (Kredit: AHA).

American Heart Association logo. (Credit: AHA)

In the first place uv á dza schv á treatment of semaglutide for the treatment of overdose á hy. It is one of the newer í ch antidiabet í k – drugs, intended ý ch for the treatment of diabetes, from the group of anal about gov glucag about nu podobn é ho peptide (GLP-1, glucagon-like peptide-1), which was found to be á that uv ä most patients arrange with í ce not very in ý razn ý , but lasted ý weight loss. Due to the epid é mii obesity, which á is in ý znamn ý m risk for az á severity of cardiovascular diseases í not only in the USA, is this assessment apparently opr á vnen é . (We have already taken over this in Os ) á nku What came out of the new antidiabetics ).

To Other antidiabetics were added to the list – inhib í tory sod í kovo-gluk about zov é ho contransport é ra 2 (SGLT-2 – sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitors). For more ý medicines in this group have been found to be favorable é ú heart development dumbbells é ho failure ur about znych skup í n patients. (This was also survived last year on Oslov ) é v čl á nku Treatment heart failure updated ).

AHA continues to remember í for two big é No í ú die, watch ú ce patients with zv ý a dream ý m krvn ý m pressure. One of them found to identify é zn í married in ý cerebrovascular sky ý ch pr í hod, cardiovascular á rnych pr í hod a ú mrt í when used í van í Sodium chloride mixtures é ho s 25% pr í dose of potassium chloride é instead of pure table salt, type ) á confirmed by í married in ý skytu cardiovascular á rnych pr í hod – vascular cerebral pr í feast if ú tnej koron á rnej pr í feast (heart attack, etc.) and hearts é his failure in the star ý ch patients with intense í externally treated ý m high ý m krvn ý m pressure with goals ý my values systolic é under 130 mmHg. (To the latter dii by sa sn á ď dalo podotkn ú that very n í blood blood ý pressure b ý va United ý u star ý ch folk í again s in ý mi nepr í subtleties and would then be useful inform á objectives of the overall ú mortality so intense í treated outside ý ch.)

Could not be mentioned ý COVID-19, treb á rs only marginally. The AHA noticed quite rarely ý in ý is multisystem é ho z á palov é ho syndr ó mu u det í (MIS-C) so z á heart rate, pľ ú c, kidney brain and more í ch org Yes in. Supports vaccinations á ciu u det í pr á in because in ý slyt myocarditis í dy (inflammation of the heart muscle) after vaccines á cii je extr é me rarely ý . And when we are already vaccinating á ciach, in á large á Thu ú dia uk á considered that vaccine á cia proti chr í pke do 72 hours í n po ak ú myocardial infarction or revascularization á cii significantly reduces the risk of further in farktu, tromb ó zy stent or ú dead during follow ú year. (O vakcin á cii proti chr í pke vs ú In connection with myocardial infarction, Donkey was mentioned earlier in á nk u Influenza vaccination protects against acute myocardial infarction ).

Dnes je technicky možné odstrániť krvnú zrazeninu z tepny, zásobujúcej krvou časť mozgu. Problémom je, urobiť to včas. (Kredit: Covidien).

Today, it is technically possible to remove a blood clot from an artery that supplies blood to a part of the brain. The problem is, do it on time. (Credit: Covidien).

AHA also draws attention to Thu ú die, which é confirm ú neurol about gom už zn á me rule “time is brain”. In patients with ú ischemic cerebrovascular

í hodou (to je mozgov á by á žka, zapr done á upchat í m of some cerebral artery) is hr á literally in min ú you at shortening í time to return to blood flow in the affected part of the brain. Je to situ á cia, podobn á as in myocardial infarction st ý m difference that brains é tissue after break í blood flow dies r ý cooler, but much r ý cooler d á also determine the diagnosis about for. Riešen í m there is no introduction of new é ho léčebn é ho procedure, he is zn á we, but omitting all ý ch unnecessary ý ch zast á vok on the patient’s journey to the workplace, which é required ú treatment applied sk about r, if d ô goes to nen á vratn é damage to a large part of the brain. (Something similar was addressed several times before ý me for years also regarding early revascularization treatment of hearts é ho heart attack)

Next í md about lie ý m knowledge, of í skan ý m in the past year is finding that medical ý The condition of women before pregnancy averages st á le worsens (which is not at st ú paj ú com age of parents nothing to surprise ú ce). S t ý m however st ú by nielen matersk á ú mortality which ú significantly affect ú pr á in cardiovascular disease, but it is also in ý significantly worse í general health ý condition det í chor ý ch matiek.

And finally here m á me category about giu “when less meaning á more”. S t ý we are already in cardio about gii met repeatedly. This time it is found that patients after the implant á cii koron á rny stent may no longer have í vať du á lnu antithrombotick ú treatment (anti-clotting treatment ) ý ch platelets – dual antiplatelet therapy – DAPT) cell ý year after á step, but m about I end it much en ô r . It’s not so surprising ú ce, because it resistance ú čan é annual é already í was enough “sucked out of the finger é ” and insufficiently substantiated é Thu ú diami, while the risk of á serious ý ch blood á can í vd ô the outcome of this treatment is far from negligible é . Official á This finding is now improved ý m modern features ý ch koron á stents (more about stents can be found in Article ) á nku

The story of coronary stents ). Types m additional ý m found í m is that patients with fibrils á ciou predsien í enough Come á alone é some é z “nov ý ch “direct or á anticoagulants (DOAC) without acetylsalicylic acid, which á does not contribute to improvement ú barbell, only to zv ý complicate risk reduction ú what blood á cania. (To that effect ý where that years ago threatened to determine á group of patients should already í up to three combinations á ciu antithrombot í k).

And finally, debt é years in professional ý “polypill”, a pill for patients with cardiovascular disease, who ) á would contain all the necessary é medications. Great á medzin á rodn á Thu ú dia uk á said that so á to tablet, contain ú ca simvastatin, hydrochlorothiazide, atenolol and ramipril together with a little acetylsalicylic acid reduces the risk of cardiovascular á rnej pr í feast or ú dead by up to a third. (Neuv á dza sa, prečo z á zračn á pill does not contain immediately even t ú acetylsalicylic acid pinch). Whether we actually meet her in practice, uk á that up they will be virtue.

This article á nok by far does not contain all in ý we know é Advances in Medic í not for 2021, but some that é with ú visia s cardiovascular á various diseases and up ú pay attention to the AHA. The others ú sim povudberať nabud ú ce.

By AHA Names Top Heart Disease and Stroke Advances for 2021 ” in Medscape Medical News , 4.1.2022.

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