The most useful player of the first round is S. Wilbekin, who snatched the victory “Maccabi”

Tel Aviv Maccabi leader Scottie Wilbekin made the best personal appearance in the first round of the Euroleague regular season, and his successful fourth quarter performance allowed Tel Aviv basketball players to win. against Bayern Munich

The American scored 28 points (4/7 double, 4/6 trit., 8/8 penalty) in 29 minutes, made 3 assists , took over 3 balls, provoked 6 fouls, once made a mistake, twice broke the rules and scored 32 utility points.

Scottie Wilbekin with 10 straight to win the first EuroLeague Game of the season for Maccabi Tel-Aviv 🔥🔥

– Hoop Fiends 🏀💉 (@hoopfiends) October 1, 2021

Barcelona striker Nikola Mirotičius was in the second place among the most useful of the round, scoring 22 points into the ALBA basket in Berlin (4/4 double, 4/4 trit, 2 / 2 penalties) and scored 31 utility points

Third place was shared by Nicolo Melli, striker AX Armani of Milan, and Walter Tavares, midfielder of Real Madrid. They both contributed to the victories of their teams by collecting 24 utility points each. Schiller and Shar’s workouts ?. Click and watch>>

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